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[Chart] Does Klout Impact Conversions?

Joel Rothman
Senior Product Consultant

About 5 years ago, “Social Media” seemed like the hula hoop scene from the Hudsucker Proxy. “You know, for kids”. Today, it’s considered an essential part of any complete marketing strategy. For this week’s chart, we decided to drill into the impact that content being shared on Twitter can have on the bottom line.

It’s obvious that having social media mentions can widen the audience of your content. But, how many additional views does that cause? Are those views just looky-loos or do they actually convert?

For this analysis, we took 4 pieces of Eloqua content that were tweeted by individuals with high Klout scores. The content is:
http://blog.eloqua.com/message-is-messenger/ Tweeted by @MarketingProfs (Klout score 84)
http://www.eloqua.com/grande/Grande_Guide_To_Wikipedia.html Tweeted by @GuyKawasaki (Klout score 86)
http://www.eloqua.com/futureofrevenue/ Tweeted by @prsarahevans (Klout score 73)
http://blog.eloqua.com/the-blog-tree/ Tweeted by @jowyang (Klout score 80).

In one instance, the tweet and subsequent retweets increased the audience by over 410 000 eye balls. What do those eyeballs get you? Well, when compared against a control group of 5 random blog posts, the blog posts had an 6X average viewership. That is pretty amazing. But, what is even cooler is what happened after that.

In the control group, about 5% of the unique viewers went on to submit a form after viewing the content. That is actually a pretty impressive number. BUT, when we look at the content that was tweeted by the high Klout group, that number spikes up to 12%. Let me restate that, because it’s pretty outstanding. Content that is tweeted by highly influential people had an 6X lift in total visitors, AND those visitors were more then twice as likely to submit a form on our site in the future.

There are a few caveats. The data set used in the anaylsis was pretty small (a total of 9 posts). As well, the content was really great, and might have performed equally well without the high profile tweets. It's hard to say that the tweets are what caused the response, or if the response triggered the tweets. Either way, having great people talk about great content is, in a word, great!

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