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  • August 2, 2011

Kick your transactional emails up a notch

There is so much opportunity for companies to augment their transactional emails.  1/3 Toms image.png

of the space can be used for promotional messaging and companies just aren't taking advantage of it.  This is big revenue potential that companies are leaving on the table.


TOMS is a hip company with a strong brand and an even stronger message with its free

shoes campaign...every time someone buys shoes, TOMS gives a pair to a child in need.   I heard their founder, Blake Mycoskie, speak at Interact 2011 and was so inspired.  I wanted to learn more about their company and bought my first pair of TOMS shoes after hearing him speak. 


The emails they sent me confirming my order and shipment lacked the charisma I first experienced.  I certainly don't expect a glitzy transactional email, but this was their time to educate and sell me more on their brand or even try to get me to opt in and there was none of that.  They are further along than many companies, even huge companies like Adidas Image.png

Adidas, that are doing pure text, but they lost a prime opportunity to engage with a new customer.  


TOMs could do a phased approach starting with redesigning the email to include design best practices and including a static promotion on the right hand side or even a widget promoting opt in.  After they evaluate those results, they can decide if it makes sense to display content based on the purchase.


This is something that all companies can look into if they aren't taking advantage of prime real estate in their transactional emails.  Acquiring customers and email addresses is costly.  Be sure you don't miss out on opportunities to engage with them.


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