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Keep Your Customers Coming Back in Times of Content Overload

Jeff Cohen
Director, Content Strategy

Randy Frisch and I had the chance to connect with some of the best professionals in content marketing, and we kept you in mind every step of the way. Joining us is simple. Choose a Content Pros podcast and press play.

Don't miss out on the chance to hear Justin Levy, Mike Stiles, Allen Gannett, David B. Thomas, and Jay Baer share their content marketing expertise.

Getting the Most Out of Free Real Estate

Wikipedia is regularly a top Google result for brands and many customers will check out a company's page before visiting the brand's very own website. In spite of this, rarely is there a team assigned to overseeing and working with the content for this vital first impression.

As Director of Social Marketing at Citrix, Justin Levy has succeeded in not only working with Wikipedia on ensuring an accurate and informational page, but also in balancing the need to push out content without overwhelming the audience (both internal and external). His strategy for crafting, publishing, and overseeing content has led to an online presence that is engaging, informational, and successful.

Here are a few highlights from our conversation with Justin:

  • How an open publishing system for internal content leads to a decrease in employee advocacy and engagement
  • The dangers and advantages of tagging
  • How incorporating Wikipedia management into marketing leads to a deep SEO strategy

Together But Separate

Multiple brands competing for attention in a crowded, noisy, online marketplace can overwhelm and exhaust even the most seasoned professional. For Mike Stiles, Global Content Strategy Manager for InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), navigating the waters of multiple brands means taking a step back. Instead of being hands on and controlling each brand’s message, he takes a more consultant-like route, letting the brands carve their own path.

By trusting each brand to know their own audience, Mike empowers his team to create more relevant and impactful content, and that success reflects positively on the company as a whole.

On this podcast, Mike shares great insights about:

  • How juggling multiple brands can lead to content chaos
  • Why empowering your enterprise means stepping back and acting more as a consultant than a manager
  • How your brands can lead your content to success

Less is More

The question on everyone’s mind is why is content marketing booming, yet falling flat and ultimately hurting businesses?

As Allen Gannett, CEO of TrackMaven, sees it, posting content on every channel all day long can be pointless and harmful without a strong strategy. If your customer finds your articles irrelevant, they aren’t likely to click. And even worse, in their mind, the association of being irrelevant will extend to your brand as well.

The strength in content lies in responding to demand, educating the audience, and focusing your efforts on the channels where your customers work and play.

It’s not too late to hear from Allen about:

  • Why the explosion in content quantity does not mean a similar increase in engagement
  • How relevance leads to content that is powerful and impactful
  • Why focusing on essential channels means being ok with a smaller quantity of content that has bigger impact

Data Mining for Content

With 20 years of B2B marketing experience (the past 8 of those years focused on content and social) David B. Thomas, Senior Director of Inbound Marketing at Leadspace, understands how to balance creativity with data. His thorough approach to pairing compelling content with vetted data led a unified content and social media marketing team at Salesforce that generated 15% of all valid leads in North America in 2014, and more than $150MM in pipeline.

Combining Dave’s expertise in content and skill with data ensures that every piece has the best possible audience to make the largest impact on your business.

Here are 3 insights to gain by listening to Dave's episode now:

  • Why effective content marketing means taking the information you already have and customizing it for your audience
  • How careless and shallow personalization leads to a decrease in content efficiency
  • How up-to-date customer data leads to more accurate content

Keep Customers Coming Back For More (Content)

We all know the power of content to acquire new customers. But what about keeping the ones we already have?

As customer service moves to the very public realm of social media, Jay Baer, President of Convince & Convert, knows there is a huge opportunity for businesses to both acquire and retain customers by showing you care for them publicly and privately. Embracing public feedback, both good and bad, allows you to create motivating content that caters to both new and existing customers.

Click here for more on Jay’s proven approach:

  • Why thinking through to customer retention means creating content that embraces feedback
  • How creating content solely for customer acquisition leads to a decrease in revenue
  • Why the public forum of social media griping means a huge opportunity for businesses

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