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Keep Pace with Your Mobile Customers By Knowing Where to Go Next

Imran Syed
Practice Leader, Expert Services

I experienced a very frightening moment recently. I plugged my smartphone into my computer to transfer files, perform updates, and to create a routine back up, when in a flash my phone completely failed to respond. The screen went black and upon several attempts to revive it, all I saw on screen was an icon suggesting I continue to plug it into my iTunes Library.

Over the next few hours as I engaged with technical support, which ultimately encouraged me to drive to a local store for even further assistance, I realized two things. The first is that life without my smart phone cannot exist and the second, I have severe first world problems syndrome.  For the latter – I apologize. Growing up in a third world country, as challenging as it was for me, seems a distant memory to the interconnected, fast paced, and mobile driven world I live in now!

In the past, I’ve spoken and written about the must haves for developing a mobile marketing strategy, but this article is designed to speak to unlocking the potential mobile provides most organizations. My mobile marketing predictions speak to why marketers must make mobile an integral part of their go-to-market strategy.  

An expanding interconnected audience

A research study from IDC states that the typical consumer uses his device consistently throughout his daily activities. In fact, 79% of smartphone users have their phone on, or near them, for all but two hours of their waking day! There is a very captive, highly engaged audience, almost addicted audience waiting to interact with you. In fact, the number of total mobile devices is now greater than 7.7 billion. That’s greater than the world’s population. This audience and their interconnectedness will continue to grow both in established and emerging markets.

Mobile doesn’t discriminate

Mobile is quickly blurring the lines between business and consumer. There once existed this notion that marketing to businesses only occurred from 9 to 5. That’s not the case anymore. The mobile audience is interconnected. In fact, being connected to a device is the new norm and expectation. Mobile will help combine both personal and business elements of our lives every day. Businesses are now finding success in communicating to their audience on Sunday. The lines between work time and not work time will disappear in the future, if they haven’t already for some of us!

While they wait

Today consumers are part of a very mobile society. They are always on the go and our marketing needs to adapt to that lifestyle and cultural shift. The question I always ask is “where to next?” Mobile marketing will add to this digital strategy as it allows organizations to connect with their audience while they are on the go; whether they are waiting, commuting, or relaxing. Mobile marketing will continue to evolve to be available to consumers on their schedule. The key is to make your message stick no matter what device your audience is engaging with you on.

Going beyond the last mile

Brett Relander, founder of Launch & Hustle, speaks to mobile marketing as the new “last mile” for advertisers. The last mile in marketing connects the customer and seller through communications that occur close to the point of purchase. As mobile marketing evolves it will not only serve as the last mile for many consumers, but it will also be the origin of many strategies. According to Litmus, today more than 53% of subscribers are opening email on a mobile device. In 2011 the open rate was 8%, which was a mere after thought for most marketers.

What are some of the trends your organization is seeing in terms of mobile marketing and engagement? Where do you see continued growth and what elements of the blurred lines are you experiencing today?

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  • Niraj Tuesday, August 25, 2015
    Excellent article, Imran. The ability to market to consumers on their schedule makes mobile marketing really important in the overall marketing strategy. Thanks, Niraj (Founder at grexit.com)
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