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Jason Miller Rocks Content Marketing in the ContentPros Podcast

Chris Moody
Director, Content and Social Marketing

Jason Miller is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn, where he leads the global content marketing and social efforts for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. He is also the author of the rock-themed marketing book, Welcome to the Funnel.

He really cut his teeth on content marketing with one of our worthy competitors by creating educational content. He contacted industry experts and interviewed them. But it wasn’t just so his customers and prospects could learn about marketing best practices. He was trying to learn himself, which meant he had a real stake in the quality of the content.

Jason has always focused on creating big rock content. This is the gated asset that drives your demand. There may only be one of these per quarter. That’s how big it is. And the rest of your content, things like blog posts, social updates, email, all carve up this big rock like a Thanksgiving turkey and serve it up for free. I don’t mean to mix metaphors here, but Jason talked about this two different ways. Repurposing content that you have already created, but in bite-size pieces is how you drive awareness and generate those all-important leads.

My favorite quote from Jason should be the mantra of anyone doing content marketing: "The answer is not more content. It’s more relevant content." We'll even make it easy to tweet this and say hi to Jason by clicking right -> HERE <-.

His early experience trying to make it as a rock star is never far from the surface in Jason’s world. His hobby is concert photography, and he is keenly aware of the issues of copyright and image ownership in a social environment. He shares some stories about some trouble he's seen.

And don’t miss his comparison of the rock group Kiss to the perfect content marketing team. It may make you want to channel your inner Gene Simmons.

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