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How Payless Uses Mobile to Capture Permission


(Shameless) Self-PromotionDownload-Payless-App--Register-Signage.jpg

The other day, I was out shopping for shoes for my daughter, Alice.  She's only 13 months old, and has been walking for about a month.  She's walking and growing so fast that she was already in need of new shoes, or, as she calls them, "oosh."  So as we were out at our local Payless ShoeSource just down the street from our house, Alice was busy taking all of the shoes off of the store shelves, and I was busy downloading their new mobile app that they were very prominently promoting at the register.

In Your Face

As I proceeded to surf through the app, I quickly came to realizePayless-App--Entry-Page.jpg just how thoroughly and thoughtfully Payless is gathering permission to develop a relationship with a highly engaged and loyal segment: customers who installed the Payless app on their mobile device.

The first thing that I noticed as I opened up the freshly downloaded app was a prompt to sign-in or register to get 15% off.  I can't do anything else before I acknowledge and choose from 3 options: "Create My Profile," "Remind Me Later" or "No, Thank You."  I'd liken this to being the equivalent of an opt-in light-box layer on the first page of a website.  It's a very effective tactic and is probably getting a high percentage of downloaders to create a profile.

A Full Coverage Policy
Across App Tabs and Cross-Channel

In general, the more pages (and zones on those page) where you place opt-in forms, the higher your rate of opt-ins will be.  The same holds true for a mobile app, and in that regard Payless doesn't disappoint: there is an opt-in around almost every corner.

From their "Shop" tab, they present several opportunities for users to sign up.  In the header of the page is a link to Sign In.  On the Sign In page I can either Login or Register Now.  I already have a Payless.com login, but just for fun, I checked out their "Register Now" link.  The Registration page is quite lengthy and scrolls quite a bit, which is something I'd test and optimize for, but it does contain a simple pre-checked box to sign up for Payless.com email alerts.  (If Payless can get mobile users to fill out the registration completely, they'll have some really good information to use for targeted and triggered lifecycle emails.)

In the footer of every page in the "Shop" tab is an email opt-in box with the caption "Never miss a sale!" which leads into a shortened, paginated version of the registration process.

On their "My Profile" tab, they provide fields to capture both email address and cell phone.  This is after all, a mobile experience, so asking for mobile phone here makes a lot of sense.  Further down on the profile page, they also give the user the option to subscribe to receive promotions via Email, SMS Test, and even Direct Mail.

Sign In and Register
Footer Sign Up
My Profile


What's Your Priority?

Permission-based list growth is a challenge for a majority of organizations.  Marketing Sherpa's latest Email Marketing Benchmark Survey reports that 83% of organizations are experiencing slow growth, no growth or declining list sizes, and 71% report that growing their list is a top priority.  However, many organizations fail to act and do something different from what they have today, and so their list growth woes continue...

PPayless-Logo.jpgayless has always done a solid job of gaining permission. I'm almost always solicited for my email address and permission in the store.  They often have prominent displays at the register to get me to sign up for Payless emails, join their SMS text program, follow their social presence on Facebook and Twitter, and now, with the ever increasing trend toward mobile, they've continued their focus on growing their permission-based opt-ins in a comprehensive way via their new mobile app.

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