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Is your product compatible with Wordpress responsive?

At the beginning of the year, Wordpress joined the world of responsive design. With your website being viewed on multiple devices (be it your phone, computer or tablet), it needs to have a different layout depending on the device. This is something that Compendium has implemented as well because, we'll be honest, social sites and blogs are being viewed more on a phone than on a computer. This blog about time spent on phones vs computers proves it. 

We are using a layout based on 24 columns to adjust to the size of your screen. One of Compendium's clients that has their site built in Wordpress responsive and also has their blog responsive is ExactTarget. The image below shows how our blogs are responsive, just as the Wordpress responsive themes are. 

This is the perfect example showing that Compendium is compatible with Wordpress responsive. Some things that you'll need to keep in mind about responsive design is that not all of the same content displays on all screen sizes. This is because not all of it will fit, but more importantly, you want to display the type of content that the user would be searching for on which ever device they are using.

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