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Marketing Automation | September 30, 2016

Is This the Next Step in Marketing Automation?

By: Steve Olenski

Director of CMO Content & Strategy

Friday Five, a curated collection of five recent articles on one topic. This time it's all about Marketing Automation.

Personalized Videos: the Next Step in Marketing Automation

If you want to stay ahead of the game in the competitive binary options marketplace, then you need to ensure that you harness the power of the most effective marketing tools. When it comes to attracting visitors to your website, encouraging those visitors to become paying customers and then retaining those clients, you need to be sure that you are active in all forms of marketing engagement.

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5 Top Ways Marketing Automation Is Making Your Brand Look Bad

I write a lot about marketing automation here and usually I'm just trying to get people to understand that it's an extremely beneficial thing for your business if done right. The only problem with that is, there are also times it just makes us dumber as human beings. When done incorrectly, automation can encourage laziness and generate lower quality work than we would typically produce had we just done it ourselves.

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Navigate your marketing automation options with this checklist

Companies using marketing automation see 53 percent higher conversion rates, according to the Aberdeen Group. But there are hundreds of software companies that have been identified as marketing automation platforms. Add in customer relationship management software, email marketing platforms and experience management tools and the market is daunting at best.

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Use Marketing Automation the Right Way

Several days ago, Mitch Joel, who is the President of Mirum, wrote a compelling piece on the misuse of marketing automation. I could not agree more with his statements made in the article about how so many organizations are using marketing automation (and many other marketing technologies) in the wrong way in an attempt to garner the attention of their buyers. I have written about this topic in the past and was thrilled to see Joel also begin hammering away at marketers who apply bad practices to technology.

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Marketing Automation 101

There have been countless articles in recent months about the benefits of marketing automation circulating online. In my opinion, most of these posts give very little practical information about how a B2B company can start to effectively put together a solid strategy.

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The truth is marketing automation is a lot simpler than it sounds. Don't believe me? Download Marketing Automation Simplified and see for yourself. 

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  • CIOPages Friday, March 31, 2017
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