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Introducing Our New Campaign Performance Report

Conversions Come From Data-Driven Decisions

Back in 2011, Google was in a color conundrum: It couldn’t decide which shade of blue to display in its Gmail ads. So, the search engine juggernaut ran an optimization test—an A/B campaign that analyzed over 40 different hues. This test found a clear winner, and as a direct result of Google implementing the new color, it earned an extra $200M in annual revenue.

The lesson here? Data, which measures the impact site changes have on conversions and revenue, is an invaluable asset when making business decisions. While Google is a massive company with endless resources, marketing teams at companies of all sizes make smarter decisions when they use data. Even decisions that seem trivial—like picking between azure and ultramarine—can lead to great uplift when they’re informed by test analytics and insights.

This is why A/B and multivariate testing are so critical: They take the guesswork out of optimization, helping organizations make stronger decisions for their digital channels. With data, the conversation can shift from “I think this might work on our site” to “I know this will work.”

All Metrics Analyzed in One Report

This is where our brand-new reporting tool comes in. At Oracle Maxymiser, we provide a solution that empowers marketers to easily run test campaigns and—just as importantly—easily interpret the results. We’re therefore pleased to announce a fully redesigned reporting and analytics UI for all of our customers who use MaxTest Enterprise and MaxTest Express.

With our new Campaign Performance Report, we bring all of our customers’ campaign metrics together in a single, interactive report, which helps them quickly and accurate make decisions about A/B tests, multivariate tests, and customer insights.

Our solution gives data analysis for even the most complex inquiries: What’s the right shipping threshold to maximize on both conversions and profit margins? Which combination of message and offer will get new customers to join the loyalty program? How does a certain site redesign affect conversions in the funnel? With our simple and interactive UI, customers are guided through both high-level and granular analysis of their campaigns.

High-Level and Granular Reporting

At its highest level, the Campaign Performance Report delivers an overview of which experiences won in a campaign and shows the impact each experience made on core metrics. All of this information is presented in one fast, easy-to-understand view that customers can digest at a glance (Screenshot A).

Screenshot A

The report, however, can also get much more microscopic. Customers can get a detailed analysis not only of how each experience performed overall, but also of how each and every tested element in an experience performed (Screenshot B).

Screenshot B

The Campaign Performance Report also features new interactive charts and visualization capabilities, as well as a new filtering functionality. These new visual elements will help campaign managers more quickly understand the impact a test is having on certain segments for certain KPIs, and will also enable them to drill down on or exclude specific dates when evaluating test data.

This could be useful for a wide variety of reasons. For example: An auto insurer may want to more closely examine user behavior for quote requests during the summer, which is the most dangerous season for drivers in the U.S. Or if a retailer were testing a new red color theme, it may want to give less weight to conversions around Valentine’s Day, when many users might already be expecting red-colored elements.

Filtering functionality is also greatly improved with the Campaign Performance Report. Marketers can now filter data by as many attributes as they need, including personalization criteria, visitor attributes, and actions taken on page (Screenshot C).

Screenshot C

Even More to Come

Throughout the year, we’ll be focusing on adding new features to our reporting functionality for all testing and personalization campaigns. So, stay tuned for the next product update, and feel free to learn more about our testing and optimization solution here.

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