While the need to create more content is viable for modern marketers, the demand for accessible, valuable content is a real pain point. The quantity versus quality debate is ongoing. A simple glance at the chart below from the “2014 B2B Marketing Trends-North America: Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs” report by Content Marketing Institute shows that 73% of marketers are creating more content than they were a year ago.  The real question you should be asking yourself is: How do I create content that is going to be interesting to my intended audience?B2BContentCreationTo answer that question I am going to share the strategy we used in our most recent campaign initiative, “The Five Tenets of Modern Marketing”.  Without a doubt, the single most important aspect for the entire campaign was the research study we did to determine the core competencies of modern marketing.  Having a detailed understanding of what your audience is interested in is imperative.


Funding a third party research study can be cost prohibitive on a tight marketing budget.  The beauty of this imperative is that it doesn’t have to be an expensive research study conducted by a third party.  A simple survey using one of the many inexpensive online tools can be very effective.  Simply engaging directly with your audience at events, through social networks, at customer meetings, etc. also can be very effective.  At the end of the day, consistently engaging with your audience needs to be part of the fabric of your entire marketing organization.

Once you know what they want, creating interesting content is easy because your audience already told you they are interested in it! Allowing your audience’s feedback to dictate your corporate marketing objectives isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have, to deliver on the imperative to create more engaging and compelling content.

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