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How to Use Precise Targeting with Oracle CX Audience

Steph Dollan
Product Marketing Manager for Oracle CX

Marketers are under a lot of pressure—they’re expected to do more with less while driving marketing ROI and engagement across prospective and existing customers. These kinds of goals can be incredibly difficult to meet if you can’t target with precision.

But precise targeting is also incredibly difficult if you don’t understand what your customers want. How can you ensure you’re reaching the right audience on the right channel with the most relevant content? To do so hinges on your ability to unify and enrich data, explore and segment customers, and analyze audience performance. Tools like Oracle CX Audience make this process easier and more efficient, empowering you to continuously exceed your goals.

Unifying and enriching data

Leveraging your data is key—but only if it’s easy for marketers to access and activate. Oracle CX Audience unifies disparate sources of data: cross-channel, simple or complex, online or offline, proprietary and through Oracle Data Cloud. You can combine your customer list with profile extension tables (PETs) and custom supplemental tables that enable you to create and manage complex relationships within your data.

Unifying and enriching your data gives you a more complete view of who your customers are, what they want, and how you can best engage them—but this is just the first step toward precise targeting.

Exploring and segmenting customers

A marketer leverages customer data to provide every individual with the most relevant experience.  Filtering through an immense amount of data to do so can seem like a daunting task—it often requires IT intervention, or the ability to write SQL queries to extract data you need, which adds significant lead time to campaign development.

Oracle CX Audience can help decrease that time to market. Marketers can bypass the need for SQL with Oracle CX Audience’s Filter Designer feature, leveraging a simple drag-and-drop interface to identify and isolate specific customers based on demographic or behavioral data. These simple, reusable filters can be combined with AND, OR, and MINUS operators in Audience Designer to merge or withhold groups as you build highly specific audiences.

Precise targeting doesn’t stop there. Audience Designer lets marketers create segmentation waterfalls that set offer prioritization rules, should an audience member match two different sets of segment criteria. For example, if a clothing brand knows some of their customers like both dresses and shoes, but a sub-segment of those customers really likes shoes, they will prioritize shoe promotions but still supplement with a promotional offer for dresses. This reduces the risk of message fatigue and can drive those customers’ propensity to purchase, boosting conversions and marketing ROI.

Analyzing audience performance

Oracle CX Audience’s built-in analytics can help you optimize your performance, both pre- and post-campaign. Before you launch you can dive into how successful previous campaigns were across different audience segments and adjust accordingly.

Post-campaign, you can move beyond measuring campaign KPIs and get a bit more granular. Oracle CX Audience can help you answer some of your brand’s big, burning questions—who is your most engaged audience, and what channels are the most effective to market to them through? How effective were in-store promotions for a given audience? What’s the best way to welcome a new customer beyond an initial welcome message? Are your customers buying similar products from your competitors? Answers to these questions help to target more precisely with every launch and enable you to exceed your goals.

In short, precise targeting is key to success

A marketer’s ability to activate data, target the right audiences, and analyze performance for continuous improvement are key to success. Oracle CX Audience is an intuitive yet powerful tool to help marketers to do so while, growing ROI and driving engagement.


Find out more about audience segmentation and how Oracle CX Audience helps you build more segments and execute more targeted campaigns. 


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