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How to Prosper with Continuous CXO

Customer Experience Optimization (CXO) is a continuous cycle of ideation, innovation, measurement, and analysis. Fortunately for those of us in the CXO business, this circular process is never-ending; there is always another landing page to optimize, another user segment to target and another functionality to test. Once we finish one campaign and learn something about our visitors as a whole, another question materializes: "Is this the optimal experience for all user segments?", "If change X had such a positive impact, I wonder what would result from change Y?", "We've increased the number of visitors reaching page X, let's see how we can increase the amount of visitors getting to the next step." We reside in an ever-changing digital landscape and as soon as we catch up to implement a new industry standard on our site, another idea hatches. CXO never ends. And that makes it as exciting as it is vexing.

Although this perpetual optimization loop can seem frustrating, continuously rising to the occasion and driving your online business forward can be exhilarating in many ways and pays dividends in the long run. As optimization managers, we not only get to test and implement the most cutting edge ideas, we have the privilege of continuously learning, readjusting our path, and progressing towards excellence in our industry.

Taking a page out of Jeff Olsen's inspiring book, The Slight Edge, just as small changes and wins compound over time in our personal lives, small wins in the continuous optimization of our online businesses over time translates into major gains for our business. CXO is a lot like investing. Financial experts teach us that small, consistent gains are likely to outperform infrequent yet larger gains over time. We all strive to run CXO campaigns that individually will have a huge impact on the bottom line, but it is important to recognize that small wins have potentially larger compound effects over time and all campaigns we run and learn from contribute to success when looking at the bigger picture.

 Following the simple disciplines of the Advantage Methodology to run continuous customer experience optimization ultimately results in the aggregation of marginal gains, which causes a compounding effect.

Here at Maxymiser, we apply Jeff Olsen's principles for success via our Advantage Methodology. The Maxymiser Advantage Methodology is a comprehensive, proprietary framework and optimization process which breaks important "simple disciplines" into four quadrants:

1. Discovery

The first quadrant, the Discovery phase, is where we take time to utilize client side analytics and gain a full understanding of a business' goals for their optimization program. At Maxymiser, we also use the Customer Impact Discovery tool to identify under and over-performing customer segments. With this information, we begin defining optimization opportunities and building out a campaign roadmap.

2. Solution

Within the Solution phase, we narrow our focus down to specific campaigns, flush out the campaign requirements and define the campaign scope. Putting in some extra time understanding the campaign from a business and technical point of view during the Solutionphase allows us to save time and prevent roadblocks during execution.

3. Implementation

The development and quality assurance of a campaign is of the utmost importance - there is no value in the other 3 quadrants if the campaign does not function as expected.

4. Analysis & Insights

Once your campaign is live, the analysis and insights phase begins! While it is necessary to check live campaigns to ensure that data is being collected as expected, it is important that we give the campaign adequate time to collect data and reach statistical significance before communicating results to our organizations. Once the test has reached maturity and a winning experience is determined, we can use custom and out-of-the-box filtering to drill down into segment performance and gain richer insights. These tools help us to identify actionable insights from the campaign that can be used to inform the next campaign or the road map overall.

When the cycle has been completed, it repeats! It’s an iterative process, after all.When building out an optimization program and ramping up testing in your organization it can be tempting to bypass certain "simple disciplines" above, like flushing out campaign requirements or taking time to use existing data to inform your campaign in order to get a campaign live sooner. When these temptations rear their ugly heads, remember that "Simple disciplines repeated over time will create success." (The Slight Edge)

Continuously following a disciplined optimization program within your organization and consistently running CXO campaigns will set your online business up for long-term advances, prosperity and a significant competitive advantage. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments in the section below or via email.

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