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How to Optimize Funnel Organization & Length

Are you trying to understand how many steps your funnel should have? Or whether one step belongs in from of another? Ultimately, the main objective of any funnel is to get your visitors to make a purchase, subscribe, get a quote or complete another desired action. The best way to think about how to achieve this objective is to discover the most simple and straight-forward purchase process possible, while still gathering all necessary visitor information. By doing this, visitors will be less overwhelmed with the purchase process, resulting in decreased site abandonment, driving revenue for your business.

There are two main areas of discussion when it comes to a funnel, length and organization. Let’s take each of these on separately.

Funnel Length

Depending on the industry, funnels can be anywhere from two pages to several more. The lengthier the funnel, the more likely visitors will be to leave the site before completing a purchase. Each additional page makes the process seem more and more daunting. However, the same could be said for a two page funnel, where each page takes a user upwards of 5 minutes to input all the required information.

The key to a perfecting funnel length lies in a combination of the above, in other words, finding a happy medium. By knowing what information you need to obtain from visitors in order to complete their purchase, you can break it down into categories, making it easier for visitors to fill out. Once you have it all categorized, pair smaller sections together (where it makes sense) so that each section/page of your funnel will have a similar number of fields.

Following these steps will help you to identify how many pages/steps you actually need in your funnel. Allowing you to focus on the organization and formatting of these pages to further drive conversions.

Funnel Organization

You now have a better idea of how many steps/pages your funnel should have, the next step--organization! Which pages should come first? What is the optimal flow of pages? This can be a tricky thing to nail down and definitely deserves plenty of testing!

The best way to think about this is to put yourself in the visitor’s shoes. If you were on the site, what would you need to know before feeling comfortable enough to complete a purchase? The first step is to ensure that visitors are effectively guided to all relevant information, in order to arm them with the confidence that they have made a good selection. Allow them to properly compare and contrast the products you are selling so that they can be fully satisfied with their decision.

Once they’ve completed the decision making process, drive the visitor to input their personal information in a clear and concise manner before confronting them with the payment methods. Making any page easy to digest and understand will help within a funnel. Each page should have a clear CTA leading the visitor to the next step or page.

You may think that you have the ideal funnel currently, but there’s always room for improvement and visitor’s preferences are constantly changing. Keep testing different lengths, organization methods, formats and stylings! What kind of funnels tests have you run? What about tests you’re considering? Share your ideas and findings with fellow optimizers in the comments section below!

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