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How to Offer Your Customers Multiple Doorways to Success

Anjelica Sloan
Senior Content Strategist

I recently attended a client dinner in NYC for 12 of us that featured a prix fixe menu. After taking some time to peruse the menu, the waiter came around, answered questions, and took each individual’s order. When the entrees arrived I noticed a few of us, myself included, peeking around the table to see what everyone else had ordered. Most folks picked the filet mignon, while three of us, including me, opted for the lamb. One of us chose the salmon and another ordered the chicken. 

If the restaurant only had filet on the menu, seven people would have been very satisfied and enjoyed the experience. However, the other five diners would have been disappointed, or may have even chosen to leave the restaurant altogether in search of something that would sate their appetites.

Restaurants know they are catering to a variety of different tastes and expectations among consumers and therefore need to offer multiple pathways into the dining experience via a variety of options on the menu. Similarly, I advocate considering your email campaigns as a sort of menu. Include various types of content, or doorways, built into your various modules through which your consumers can enter and engage with you.

In a recent blog post  I discussed the need to utilize a content strategy to better organize, develop, and plan the content in your marketing initiatives to ensure that your customers’ wants and needs are met. Too often brands continually bombard their customers with content that only conveys what the brand wants to shout, rather than what may actually appeal to consumers and inspire or educate them enough to want to click through and continue their engagements.  

Employing a content strategy will help you define, build, and continually optimize these doorways of content that will give your consumers – all different people comprised of differing psychologies, with different wants and needs – various paths into the experience you are marketing to them.

Consider this scenario:

An airline has a promotional campaign featuring a 20% discount on flights to Maui during the winter months. The bulk of the email consists of a beautiful hero image of sun, sand and blue water with the discount plastered across the image.

For Subscriber A, who wants or needs this discount as inspiration to book a trip to Hawaii, this promo works. But now consider all of the other ways this email can engage a wide variety of users:

Subscriber B may want to know what the weather will be like in Maui in March. The discount is attractive, but not attractive enough if it will be raining during Subscriber B’s whole vacation. The airline could program the module in the template, the doorway, with content linking to the page on the site that lists average temperatures and precipitation by month.  

Subscriber C is more into surf and turf than sun and surf and could be inspired to click through by learning about great dining options in Maui. To create a doorway for Subscriber C, the airline should consider including content linking to restaurant listings.

Subscriber D knows that Photoshop can make any beach look brilliant and private, and would prefer to scroll through photos from another traveler’s trip to Maui— yet another piece of social content that can be turned into a doorway.

All of the content I propose here actually exists on the airline’s owned properties, ready to be leveraged in email. And this is true for a majority of brands—most own a great stable of content, but perhaps are not always identifying and maximizing its use across all channels.

Sending out a sale or discount is only one way to get your users to convert. There’s other content you own and leverage that can, and will, work just as hard for you. Consider examining your current content strategy or developing and employing one so you can create as many content doorways into your marketing as possible.

Get in touch! Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Creative Services team can help you get started building these doorways into your marketing! 

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