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How to Get Away Without Leaving Your Demand Gen Behind

Jonathan Riemer
Director, Global Campaigns Marketing

Summertime should be beach-time, mountain-time, big- city time, amusement park-time, you-name-it-time. Trouble is, for even the most modern of marketers, getting away from the office doesn’t always mean getting away from your demand generation, nurturing, and lead management duties.

I remember once on vacation (at a previous job) having to duck into an Apple store in Munich, Germany to get online and edit and launch a campaign! I also have had to babysit web copy edits from a museum lobby with good Wifi, and even create from scratch an emergency funnel velocity campaign from a beachside coffee shop. Surely,  you have your own nightmare stories.

While there will always be crazy marketing fires that pop up requiring immediate attention, there are tactics at the ready to help you hit the open road, without endangering hitting your numbers. From pre-designed and scheduled outbound campaigns and triggered engagements to sales-enabled nurture, content marketing, and display retargeting. These can all be designed, tested, and set on autopilot for the time you take off.

Check out the infographic “Take the Great Automation Summer Vacation.”  

Ready to get the full itinerary?  Read the new “Travel Guide” How to Get Away, Without Leaving Your Demand Gen Behind.” Whether you are concerned about top of funnel, MQL nurture, or helping close deals, there are Modern Marketing practices you can try next time you are taking some much-needed PTO. This guide explores real world examples from some Markie Award winners and finalists. (Modern Mark has read it; you should see his vacation photos.)

Check out the eBook “How to Get Away…Without Leaving Your Demand Gen Behind.”  And get ready to take some guiltless (and stress-free) time off.

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