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How to Build Customer Personas

Kaila Garrison
Product Marketing Manager




A persona is defined as “a written representation of your website’s intended users.” This fictional person can help you identify major user groups of your website. Personas then help your marketing team—they can use these personas to focus your efforts on the users’ goals and needs. 


How do you do that? Try these tips.


1. Make the persona “real.” A persona should include a name and a picture. Develop demographic information including age, education, ethnicity, income level and family status. Also, give the persona a job title, including responsibilities. And be serious—jokey names and funny pictures only serve to lead you off-target.


2. Give her a backstory. You need to know the persona’s past as well as her present. Give her a hometown and an alma mater. If she went to college, what did she major in? What was her family like? What are her hobbies and interests? What jobs did she previously hold?


3. Give her a future. What are this person’s hopes and dreams—for herself, her family, her career and the world at large? Of course, concentrate on issues that may relate to your business, but go beyond that as well. Your goal, remember, is to know this person thoroughly.


4. Give her a voice. Now that you know who she is, ask her what she has to say. Write a short essay in the voice of the persona, explaining who she is, what her goals are and what matters in her life.


5. Make her a potential customer. How much does she typically spend on your product or service? How often does she visit your site? What are her goals when visiting your site? What is she trying to accomplish and what tasks will she need to complete to be successful? Incorporate insights from focus groups and other market research data. When you know everything you can about each persona, you are well on your way to designing the Web experience that will result in a sale.




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