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How Technology Helps Marketers Maximize Stellar Customer Experiences (New Guide)

Knowledgeable; opinionated; peer empowered, and technologically fueled decision makers. These realities are just a few ways to describe our customers, who heavily affect each other’s decisions and buying behavior. Their likes and dislikes, reviews and comments, network and peer interactions, can make or break your brand in a matter of minutes. Have you ever purchased a product via an e-Commerce site, only to be retargeted on Facebook, or emailed the next day with a similar offering? Bummer!

As a consumer on the receiving end of such an offer, it’s a disappointment — creates a negative brand perception based on the idea that there is no excuse for such irrelevant offers. But as marketers, we know that disparate strategies and technologies create a fragmented marketer experience, which ultimately can and does get passed on to customers. And that's just one hypothetical example of how marketing is to blame for not providing customers with the stellar experiences and offers they deserve.

Customers make 500 billion impressions on each other about your products and services each year. And that’s just in the US, alone. Multiply that globally and you begin to really see the marketing and messaging challenges that threaten your success. A consistent customer experience must be offered wherever they go. Head spinning with mathematics and worry?

Enter our new eBook, the “How-To Guide for Understanding, Considering, and Strategizing the use of new Marketing Technologies.” We break down four core issues driving marketing madness: Disparate data; random app collecting; content mayhem; and social awkwardness.

We also call on our good friend “Modern Mark” to share how his organization’s broken marketer experience was culling out dreadful customer experiences. Check out the fifth and final video in the “Journey to Modern Marketing” series to see how concerns about system integrations were channeled into more seamless, centralized strategies to connect, view, and leverage data in one place. Hint: Get your heads in the Cloud! 

Looking for more insight on how to connect your marketing data dots? Download the new Technology Guide now!

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