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How One Travel Brand uses Cross Channel Marketing for Success

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

As Lucy Maher wrote in an AdWeek article published yesterday "With technology putting greater control in the hands of consumers, the travel industry has gone through significant disruption." The article, entitled For Hertz, the Personalized Offer Is Key, is part of the Icons in Marketing series.

Subtitled The right deal at the right time, the piece speaks to the need to deliver the relevant content to your customer or prospect at the right time. Or as Maher puts it "providing information and offers that are customized to the user's individual wants and delivering them at the moment the recipient is ready to read them."

For Hertz, one of the most important channels is email marketing. But it's not just email marketing alone. It's how email marketing fits into the complete cross-channel marketing experience that brands need to realize and take note of. "You need to understand how they are consuming the emails, and [how they are] going from that email to our website," says Charlie Coniglio, Hertz vp of CRM/online marketing.

The subsequent data that is collected is then used to determine each consumer's optimal offer, the optimal send time and the optimal format. The data is also used to predict future engagement based on past consumer behavior, automated retargeting and send-time optimization. 


Increased revenue of 20-35% speaks for itself and Hertz has also been successful at driving traffic to its website for offer redemption via its email marketing which eliminates the commissions from online travel agents and aggregators.

The importance of the optimal cross channel experience cannot be overstated. Without it, marketers can suffer loss of customer interest, lower conversion rates and more. 

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