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How CMOs Can Overcome 3 Key Challenges

At the recent NG CMO Summit, CMOs from across North America gathered to discuss how today’s marketing teams can reconnect, re-evaluate, and reengage with customers. Throughout roundtables and keynote panel discussions, a few clear challenges emerged. Working as a team, attendees drew from experience and expertise to hone in on actionable ways to address these challenges.

Challenge #1: Scaling today for tomorrow

The breakneck speed at which CMOs have had to evolve over the last 5-10 years has not always allowed enough time to step back and consider future needs. As a result, CMOs feel intense pressure to catch up – no matter how advanced their marketing strategy might be. How do you identify and advocate for the next step up on the ladder to enhance your teams and technology?

How to Overcome: Start the discovery now to build the skills and structures of tomorrow. Whether that’s establishing an innovation team within your marketing organization, or building the right marketing dashboards to give you more visibility into market trends and opportunities, waiting is no longer an option.

Challenge #2: Global strategy influencing localized experiences

How do global marketing organizations need to adjust when customers expect local, in-the-moment experiences with their brand? B2C companies want to serve consumers where they are, and B2B companies want to be influencing the conversation at the right time with the right people.

How to Overcome: Develop voice-of-the-customer profiles on target personas to better understand what different customers need at different points in their lifecycle. Then tie your global strategy to tactical execution at the customer’s level.

Challenge #3: Combating fragmentation – in technology, teams, and experiences

CMOs are looking for ways to streamline. When an employee brings them the next new Pinterest analytics tool or suggests integrating Snapchat into their marketing strategy, marketing leaders feel overwhelmed by the thought of rolling that new tool or application into a scalable, measurable plan.

How to Overcome: Start with the numbers and work backward. Successful CMOs have spent time determining what metrics they need to look at – and which metrics they still don’t have – to create a clear picture of the customer journey. By combining this numbers-oriented vision with open platform technology, marketers can build the integrated tools and processes they need to drive results.

To learn more about technologies and how to best utilize them, download The CMO Solution Guide to Leveraging New Technology and Marketing Platforms.

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