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Do Those Holiday Emails Really Get Read? [CHART]

Egan Cheung
Manager, Revenue Performance Analytics

Today, we launched our holiday greeting - the Flinch who Hated Modern Marketing.

It made me wonder how all of you, our customers, are doing with your holiday greeting emails... Do you do them?  When?  Are they well received?

To answer these questions, I decided to look at last year's data, and see what trends I could see.  Here is what I found:


Two weeks ahead of the holiday break is the most popular time to send

  • Dec 25th and Jan 1st are completely off-limits - not even 1 email sent related to holidays!

  • Holiday emails get lots of attention - 4x more opens and 8x more clicks!

  • opt-out rates are essentially identical whether holiday related or not.

I found it interesting that holiday greetings get so many more clicks per email.  I am guessing it would have to do with the fact that the content is often very conducive to sharing. If, by sharing your content, your name gets out to more people, it would seem like those holiday cards are still a popular and effective way to get some potential growth out of your database.So Happy Holiday marketing, everyone!  Peace to all, from the Chart of the Week team.

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