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  • January 31, 2013

Gold Star Email Award: Warby Parker

The Gold Star Email Award posts celebrate and highlight outstanding examples of emails that excel in their creativity, design and effectiveness.

Warby Parker employs the Buy One, Give One business model pioneered by Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes. Buy One, Give One is one of the most likable marketing strategies to come around in a while, and it is one where everybody wins: the consumer feels good about shopping, people in need benefit from donations (and in some cases community service and education) and the marketer has increased customer engagement. Additionally Warby Parker states that its mission is to be a "Good Company,” putting its customers, employees, the community and environment in the center of everything it does.

This Warby Parker email sent on Jan. 16 with the subject line The Annual Report is here stands out for its tongue in cheek approach to presenting its company data. I can't think of any other retail brand that has used this particular tactic before. Clicking through brings you to a landing page with a greeting that jokes "Herein you’ll find detailed information about our accounting policies, followed by a terrifying array of charts. Just kidding. The Annual Report is our chance to sneak you inside Warby Parker headquarters and show you how it all goes down—bagels and bloopers included." The landing page has an impressive side scrolling calendar interactive infographic that chronicles the past year with all sorts of goodies, including: employee statistics and fun facts, popular frames by state, and year-end highlights.

Selling glasses online seems like it could be be a huge challenge… they are just one of those items where a simple product shot really won't do the trick. Warby Parker has a couple of stellar ways to keep up with (if not exceed) the brick-and-mortar store experience of trying on glasses: 1) Their website has
an interactive page to view their frames in action, a 5-7 shot slide show of side to side angle views of glasses on a model, and 2) home try-on where undecided customers receive 5 pairs, for 5 days, to try on in the comfort of their own home (with free shipping to boot!). Oh! and did I mention that most of their glasses are just $95?! This price includes high quality frames, prescription lenses and anti-reflective lens coating.

Congratulations to the Warby Parker Creative and Marketing teams! I don't even wear glasses, and I'm ready to stock up on a few pairs, just so I can be a part of the awesome, feel-good Warby Parker community.

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