Since Gmail rolled out new inbox tabs, there has been lots of buzz in the market concerning the potential impact on marketing campaigns. It’s been about three months since Gmail announced the launch of the inbox tabs, so we decided to look at the total number of email opens per email sent to the domain to see if there has been any change in the weeks leading up to and after the launch. The short answer is: There has been no significant impact to date.


gmailchartOne of the interesting benefits to Gmail tabs is that, when a user is looking at a particular tab, they are consciously aware of the type of email they are going to read. While there have been concerns about drops in opens, by looking at opens per send we noticed a slight increase in some weeks. One theory is that, while fewer people might see your emails, the people that do see them may be reading them more than once, because they have consciously gone to the appropriate tab and are mentally prepared to review and absorb a message that may be of a commercial nature, indicating a more qualified interest.

Only time will tell what the true impact of Gmail Tabs for marketers. It also will be interesting to see if this same trend applies more generally for organizations using Gmail as their mail service with their own domain.


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