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Get Real (Time) to Better Connect with Prospective Buyers

Chris Baggott
CEO & President

Your interactions with potential buyers have likely gotten more challenging. After all, prospects are now in control when it comes to finding information online as they conduct research and consider their purchase options. And they are tuning out the companies that interrupt them with irrelevant content and messages.

To connect with potential buyers, smart marketers develop marketing personas based on a range of information they can gather about their target audience, including:

-  Demographics 

-  What motivates this person in his or her daily work?

-  Who influences this person’s purchasing decisions?

-  What challenges are they trying to overcome or goals are they trying to achieve?

-  Where do they seek information online?

-  What does the buying process look like from their point of view?

-  They also analyze the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and content to better engage prospects throughout the buying cycle.

And that approach is paying off, especially for marketers whose personas and content reflect prospects’ behaviors based on real-time data. According to a report from the Aberdeen Group entitled “Building the New Database of Intentions with Real-time Marketing Analytics,” these marketers are doing a better job of connecting with their target audience because they can personalize interactions and offers.

For example, Best-in-Class companies are 42% more likely to dynamically personalize site content based on buyer persona or segmentation. And they realize 32% higher website conversion rates as a result. They are also more than twice as likely to make targeted inbound offers in real time based on a buyer profile.

Essentially these marketers are building a “database of intentions” that allows them to serve up relevant content or another offer to a prospective buyer in real time. And let’s face it – that’s what’s key to engaging your target audience.

So what real-time data are these savvy marketers turning to?


  • Internal transaction and customer records

  • Internal and external sources of customer information

  • Customer sentiment data, such as a net promoter score

  • Customer interaction data such as contact center notes

  • Unstructured data including emails and reviews

  • Social media and click-stream data


By tapping into these same data sources to strengthen buyer personas in real time, you too can improve the effectiveness of your content marketing throughout the buying cycle.




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