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3 Quick Tips For Increasing Response Rates With Gated Content

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Seth Lieberman, CEO of SnapApp, a marketing platform used by companies to create interactive content to generate leads and drive revenue across the web, mobile, social and email.

When it comes to lead generation forms, savvy marketers know there’s a fine line to walk. Used correctly, lead gen forms can seamlessly capture valuable information. Used incorrectly, they can turn people away at the gate – so to speak. Gating content behind lead gen forms, however, doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing affair. Consider these 3 tips for increasing response rates while still gating content.

1. Think Outside the Form: Imagine you’re at an event and you are speaking with a prospect. Do you blatantly ask for their industry, role, company size, or other typical lead info before you start the discussion? Of course not! You’d have a conversation while subtly taking note of the information this person is sharing. Only when some level of trust has been established do you ask for contact info or a business card.  But how can you transfer this experience to the online world?  By using polls, surveys, personality tests and assessments, and other types of interactive content, you can first engage the prospect in a  “conversation” while gathering qualifying information.  Then, when you are ready to present the lead form, you have already started a relationship — which increases the likelihood of a prospect completing a form.  For you, the marketer, it also means you can keep the form short and collect just a few key contact details —  while appending all of the response data to the lead and passing it into your CRM system. 

2. Live within Lead Channels: Where your prospects experience lead forms is also a crucial factor for effective gating. Going back to the in-person example: you wouldn’t require the prospect you just met to go across town to your office to get more information, so why would you aggressively push online prospects from one channel to another in order to collect lead data? Whether it is email, a landing page, a blog post, Facebook, or a mobilized experience, let prospects and customers interact with your content and lead forms in the channels through which they want to interact. Be agnostic about channels and customers will respect you.

3. Create a Mutual, Valuable Exchange: Think about generating lead submissions as if you’re closing a sale. In the end, the prospect needs to feel that the exchange – whether it’s contact information or cash – is worthwhile.  Your “offer” might be a meaty white paper based on the lead’s responses to a number of assessment questions, the real time results to the market survey that they just participated in, or the chance to win a trip of lifetime.  Meanwhile, you need to get the details to make the prospect valuable to you.

You can refine your overall engagement strategy by collecting just a few contact details and serving up the right content reflective of the information they’ve shared. After all, for high quality prospects to flow through any marketing or sales funnel, it takes a high quality gating strategy to welcome them in. When it all comes together, marketers can see lead submission rates as high as 80% for gated content and still collect great information. .

Check out a case study example of how our marketing team points prospects to our blog, Facebook and engages via email with a series of quick questions to assess product fit and interests.

Click here to watch a short video with tips on how to create web forms using Eloqua. 

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