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7 Things Brands Need to Know About the Facebook Timeline

Lauren Harper
Sr. Manager Social Marketing

On March 30, Facebook is transitioning all brand pages to the new and (debatably) improved Timeline. Have you started working on yours?

We’ve done some work preparing the Eloqua page, and are excited about what we put together. Although I read countless blogs to prepare for a smooth transition, there were still several things that I wish I had known about perfecting the Timeline.

So here are my seven pieces of advice when transitioning your Facebook brand page to the new Timeline.

1. You can only access your brand’s Facebook Timeline preview page from your own personal Facebook account.

2. Any changes you make while in the preview mode for your Timeline show up on the wall of your original page.

While some activity, like creating an event, doesn’t necessarily show up on your new Timeline page, it will in fact show up on your original brand page when you switch back over. This is important to note if you have a specific content strategy, or are trying to limit the number of posts you publish per day.

facebook-timeline3. The stories in the top right section of your Timeline wall are dedicated to posts that fans have written on or about your brand page. It looks different to everyone, and there is no way to rearrange these posts. So don’t be confused as to why there is a post from 4 months ago in that top spot…you didn’t do anything wrong.

4. Apps appear above the Timeline now, which is a bit like having ads above the top of the folder of a newspaper.facebook-timeline-pages

Putting my personal frustrations with apps aside, they can be a great way to allow your fans to access the other content and social channels that your brand is using. For example, your fans can access your blog or see what events you have coming up.

facebook-timeline-brands5. All the posts that other people or companies share on your wall all get aggregated into one section.

No, you’re not crazy. The post you just got notified about didn’t disappear; it has just been put in list-form on the right column of your timeline. If you want to delete or hide the post, you can do so by hovering over the top right corner of the post and clicking on the “X” that pops up, or you can go to your Admin Panel.

6. The Activity log is your friend, especially if there is more than one person managing your Facebook page.

The activity log will show all the interactions that you or your fans have had with your page. For brands with multiple owners, it will allow you to see all the activity from that day to ensure you don’t double post, etc.

The activity log also shows you which posts have gotten “Likes” or comments, as well as which posts appear on your wall and which are hidden. This is a great way to manage everything in one spot.facebook-timeline-community-manager

7. Get feedback. Don’t make it a one-person show. Ask your fans for feedback; go on your company’s internal communication network and ask people to check it out and provide more feedback. You will miss things. Ask for help!

Overall, Timeline has a much more engaging look and feel. Comparing the two interfaces side by side, you get a much more vibrant page with Timeline. Timeline has also made it much easier to show who you are as a company by adding milestones. It also allows you to highlight certain actions items and minimize others, giving you better control over what content you want your fans to pay attention to.

Have you transitioned over to Facebook Timeline yet? What do like or hate about it?

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