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  • June 5, 2013

European Markie Awards Finalists Announced

It’s that time again! Finalists for the European Markie Awards have been announced!  Winners will be revealed during Eloqua Experience Europe, 25-26 June in London. The Markies honor strategic, collaborative, and tactical marketing and sales innovation. Check out this year’s finalists:

Best Alignment of Marketing and Sales in Europe

Cincom Systems Inc. – tasked with managing pervasive complexity across lengthy sales cycles, the company’s US counterparts had faced similar challenges the year before, so following the “bright spots” methodology outlined in “Switch” the European team adopted their sales enablement practices, and implemented them for its own sales structure.  Marketing is now more involved throughout the sales cycle to ensure that the sales team has the materials and messaging required at each touch point, and sales is involved in the creation of marketing materials to ensure they reflect what they hear during their conversations prospect discussions, and it can actually be utilized.

Basware OyjUnder the mantra of “no lead left behind” Basware initiated a program in 2012 to implement a robust lead and opportunity management regime, defining an integrated process, establishing agreed quality metrics, qualification criteria, and process adherence reporting. The program objective was to provide marketing and sales with a common set of expectations for lead management and conversion to opportunity which was consequently carried through into the design, implementation and adoption phases of the program.

Best European Lead Scoring Programme

DocuSignTo increase conversion, DocuSign implemented account-based scoring with Eloqua. DocuSign ramped up its lead scoring model by applying the engagement scores across leads of the same account to form an account-based score. The team uses the new account-based score to predict and validate which likely opportunities sales should focus on. For every additional active lead on an account, DocuSign sees a 23% increase in the chance that the deal will close. With greater visibility into lead flow, the company can accelerate the pipeline by helping the sales team focus on deals more likely to close.

Swiss Post Solutions –  Focused on improving its lead handoff process, the organization implemented an agreed-upon lead scoring model generated by all stakeholders to improve lead quality confidence. As a result the marketing team has implemented a multi-solution lead scorning that’s fully integrated with the CRM system.

Best European Lead Nurturing Programme

Swiss Post SolutionsChallenged to support marketing for a new solution to its UK portolio, the marketing team created a fully‐integrated program with the CRM system to provides sales visibility into marketing qualified leads by measuring content engagement. The company has seen an “enormous” increase in the number of sales converted leads, the value of these as opportunities in the sales pipeline (up 291%) and the overall ROI on the campaign (up more than 500%).

European Event Nirvana

Moog Industrial GroupThe SPS/IPC Drives Exhibition is critical to Moog’s market positioning, because is the trade show to be face to face with clients and provides the opportunity to touch base with partners, customers, vendors and applicants. By leveraging marketing automation, the company enhanced its event management process and aligned sales and marketing to increase business impact.

Thermo Fisher ScientificPrior to Eloqua and the AppCloud for Adobe Connect, customer facing product webinars were conducted using five separate software applications. This method caused frequent errors and was complicated, laborious, and extremely inefficient. With the advent of Eloqua and its AppCloud for Adobe® Connect®, webinar campaign deployment and management are fully automated including all aspects of the notification, registration, and follow-up processes. Building the webinar assets and “programming” the Campaign Canvass (E10) has significantly reduced development time, reduced errors, and enhanced staff productivity. With the implementation of automation through Eloqua and the AppCloud for Adobe Connect, webinars have become the largest source of sales qualified (sales-ready) leads for our division.

 European Rookie of the Year

RautaruukkiWithin the first three months from Eloqua set-up, the marketing team tripled the number of leads generated, launched hugely successful awareness and nurturing campaigns, and create buzz in new markets. Starting with the challenge of routing leads to the sales team who don’t use smartphones and spend their days out on site – the team built an intricate automation program that sends form generated leads directly to the mobile phones of the salespeople as an SMS.

Royal Philips ElectronicsPhilips Consumer Lifestyle, as part of Royal Philips Electronics, recognizes the value of CRM, and has a multi-year CRM B2C strategy in place to fully capitalize on this. This strategy moves Philips CRM capabilities from basic email marketing to differentiated and consistent multi-channel experiences with the support Eloqua. In 2012 the program was started with proof of concept to assess which value Marketing automation can bring to Philips. This proof of concept resulted in the approval of a global rollout to 40+ countries by the executive committee.

Most Creative European Marketing Campaign

AtosAtos became Worldwide IT Partner to the IOC in 2002 but had never run a sales enablement campaign around a specific Olympic Games. The Atos London 2012 Campaign combined the ultimate in visibility and hospitality with a multi faceted communications programme, including the media masterstroke of the Games: lanyard sponsorship resulting in the prominent display of Atos branding around the necks of the world’s most influential figures. For the first time the marketing team used an automated digital sales enablement strategy to leverage the huge awareness and goodwill generated by the company’s Olympic involvement to capture and nurture leads, directly generating new business. This was a stunning success, already providing an amazing €131m of new business representing an immediate ROI of 44:1.

PTCTasked with growing brand awareness, brand perception, and related adoption of a newly introduced product and release (PTC Creo 2.0), PTC created the “Engineering Excellence” marketing campaign. This marketing initiative took a unique and innovative approach to promoting the product brand, focuses on how PTC customers (rapidly-evolving, globally distributed manufacturers) positively impact the lives of their customers with their products. Delighting their needs and wants, the campaign highlights how each manufacturer’s excellence in engineering is fundamental to meeting the needs of their customers, and how PTC and PTC Creo support that.

TalkTalk BusinessThe ‘What’s Your Business Grade?’ Campaign was a multi stage strategy conceived to achieve the dual goals of generating leads qualified to a very high standard to aid the sales process, and promoting the TalkTalk Business brand towards our desired position of telecoms and IT industry thought leaders. Stage one aroused the interest of the market with an industry telecoms and technology benchmark survey. Stage two enticed them to reveal their own position so they could compare their performance against their surveyed peers. Stage three used the information captured to invite recipients to participate in a tailored ‘Future Fit View’ delivering a conveyor belt of highly qualified leads to the sales team. An Eloqua automated email strategy nurtured leads through the campaign delivering a revenue pipeline of £1.3m at an ROI of 20:1.

See you at the European Markie Awards during Eloqua Experience Europe 2013 in London! Follow the event discussion on Twitter #EE13

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