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Engage Prospects with Video Backed by Marketing Automation

The latest trends in marketing are often discussed as single tactics – marketing automation, interactivity, personalization - which can seem undefined, technical, and complicated to implement. The big picture is that marketers are simply trying to have effective 1:1 conversations with prospects and customers.

According to SiriusDecisions, 67% of the buyer’s journey is done via digital channels, so this conversation is a digital one by necessity. This means marketers are looking to approach the right person, at the right time, with the right information - without ever meeting the prospect or customer in-person.  

What digital format is closest to human interaction? Video! As an online video platform, we are focused on defining how marketers can have effective 1:1 conversations with video.

Start a Conversation

The first hurdle to negotiate in a 1:1 conversation is defining the individual with whom you’ll be speaking. That’s where marketing automation and interactivity come into play. Marketing automation compiles the information you’ve gathered about an individual based on their online activity and interaction with your content. Then, the platform uses this information to construct a picture of the individual including industry, company, position, and specific business needs.

Video’s deep analytics, when integrated with marketing automation platforms, define an individual faster than other content formats. Video lets you know:

•   Impressions: How many times the video player loads for the visitor

•   Total Views: How many times the viewer clicked play

•   Play Rates: How many views happened per total impressions

•   Device Types: Which devices your viewer is using

•   Operating Systems: What operating system your viewer is using

•   Referral Source: Where s/he was before coming to your site

And most importantly:

•   Engagement Rate: How engaged your viewer is with your video. A low engagement score reveals the viewer abandoned the video without watching much. High engagement scores mean the video message aligned with the viewer’s need with most of the video watched. 

Set Up Your Platform

The logic you enter in your marketing automation platform will determine the next interaction the viewer has with your brand. A high engagement rate with one to two videos on a similar topic will tell you a lot about that person’s interests. Cue your platform to serve up related content.

Secondly, video interactivity can supplement the identity work you’re discovering with your marketing automation platform, while making videos even more engaging. Examples of interactivity within a video are quizzes, chapterization, branching, hot spots, polls, and text annotations. Each interactive element within the video means another data point that helps define the viewer and her/his needs.

We worked with one of our interactive partners, SnapApp, and our customer Symantec to pair marketing automation with interactive video. A series of interactive actions was placed in the video that gathered very specific information from the viewer and use case.

On the backend, the data from the video and the interactivity was sent to Symantec’s marketing automation platform. Information such as percentage of video watched, answers to questions, and of course the details given in the lead form determine what content is sent to this individual. The experience of setting up this automated logic is detailed below.

Once you have defined the conversation participants, it’s time to move the engagement forward with interactivity and personalization.

To learn more about how you can use video to increase the success of your marketing, download The Four Aces of Video Marketing.

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