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  • November 27, 2011

What End-of-Year Purchasing Behavior Means to B2B Marketing & Sales Reps [Chart]

Joel Rothman
Senior Product Consultant

Thanksgiving has come and gone, which means that Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner. For many of us, that means slowing down a little at work, spending time with our families. If you are like me, you like to curl up and watch Dick Clark’s seasoned face as the ball drops, and reflect on the year that it has been. Jersey Shore went back to their roots, Rebecca Black taught us the days of the week, and I began Shufflin' every day.

But, what does the year end mean for business? Does it mean putting up your feet and coasting into 2012? For the chart this week, we decided to have a peek into how the end of the year compares with the rest of the year.

We looked at the number of web visitors and form submissions for our clients. 0% represents the average for the year and the lines depict the percent over or under the average in that month.

B2B purchasing behavior by quarter

As you can see, there is a spike of activity in both 2009 and 2010 right around the end of the year. It slows down at the start of the year, and takes several months to get back above average. Then, it takes a slight dip in the summer. It looks like people have budgets to spend near the end of the year, and it’s time to resume researching business purchases. Great news, as this spike corresponds to exactly when sales reps are working hard to hit their numbers!


So, is the end of the year a time for marketers to rest on their laurels? Not a chance!

Special bonus chart!

B2C purchasing behavior by month

Remember when you used to buy a CD, turn it on and forget about it? Sometimes, at the end, there would be silence and after about 45 minutes you would hear the secret hidden track. This is the “Chart of the Week” equivalent!


We put together the same chart as above, but for B2C. We see a massive dip in Q1 2010, with a recovery in Q3 of the same year. What do you think that means?

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