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"Blast" and 4 Other Words That Don't Belong with Email

A recent post on Topliners sparked a lively discussion on the term "email blast." In short, it's old, stodgy and ineffective.

In the modern email marketing world, blasting has no place in our vocabulary. No buyer wants to get "blasted."

But it's not the old word associated with email that we, as marketers, need to drop. Here are four more that should go into the extinct category.

This is a no brainer but I need to add it here in the event it’s still being used. Some may consider it trash, while others are essentially referring to any kind of marketing content that hits their inbox. No one wants to be called SPAM. (Check out more on email deliverability here.)

I would never hit a person. In fact, when I was growing up I would often run if someone threatened to hit me. If you respect your database full of customers and prospects, then don't threaten to hit them. It’s just not polite.

Push messages on people? When was the last time you liked a brand pushing anything on you? Today, inbound marketing and outbound marketing need to play well together. The goal should be to pull people in, rather than push your message on them.

This is a less common one but just as painful. So we have hit them, blasted them, pushed them and now we are going to e-shoot them? No good folks, no good.

What are words and terms you wish marketers would kick out? Share them in the comments below.

And for more email marketing insight, check out these charts!



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