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Email marketing: The Weekly Inbox volume 9

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

The Weekly Inbox is a collection of email marketing messages from across the retail, travel/hospitality and financial services industries that caught my eye for being clever, forward thinking, creative or just plain awesome.

Welcome back to the next installment of The Weekly Inbox.

We are now less than one week away from Thanksgiving, which of course means Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner.

And speaking of Black Friday, be sure to check back here on that date, November 29, as we’ll be bringing you some examples of emails we received that very day.

Wake up and smell the...

I am a self-admitted coffee junkie; a caffeine addict and as such the following email with the subject line "Have You Tried Our NEW Coffee Yet?" from Chick-fil-A certainly got my attention.

Obviously not everyone is a fanatical about coffee as I, but I do like this email for reasons not related to java. For one, it's geographically-personalized i.e. the reference to Philadelphia. I also like that's it clean; doesn't hit me with a lot of other content. The email is about coffee and that's what the content speaks to.


What list are you on?

The subject line in this email below from Harley Davidson is fantastic "Not sure if they've been naughty or nice?" It's playful and fun and hey, it tells you they've got you covered no matter what list they're on. And how can you not love a headline that includes an homage to Rudolph? And kudos too for having their social icons above the fold.

Weekly inbox Volume 9 Harley

Show some love to other days, too...

JC Penney wants to remind everyone that Monday - no, not Cyber Monday - has feelings too and while the talk of the town is Black Friday right now, good old regular Monday is pretty good, too.

Got this email below, on what else, Monday with the subject line "Monday's not so bad! Extra 20% off--LAST DAY!"

Weekly Inbox Volume 9 JCP

Ok, I know it mentions Black Friday, too but still, I like the fact that they gave some props to plain old Monday.

Not another "talking head"

This email from MISSGUIDED gives a shoutout to The Talking Heads while letting you know their prices are hot. And just like the Harley Davidson email above, I like the fact that their social icons are above the fold.


You can go home again...

I like this email below from Anthropologie for several reasons. One being the alliterative "time for travel, time for tinseling, time for togetherness" line. And I like the images including the nice touch of the bike rider wearing a Santa hat.

However one opportunity I see is their use of the video play icon. I had to look twice to see it in the bottom image. Also not sure why there's only two women shown despite it being about three sisters?


Nice use of NAS content...

For those of you new to The Weekly Inbox, I am a huge proponent of including content in all marketing collateral including email that is Not Always Selling, hence the NAS acronym.

Now while the email below from Marriott does lead off with some salesy content, the very next piece of content features the results of a crowdsourced contest “Travel Brilliantly” which Marriott recently held.


The landing page featured the first place winners from the various categories including Technology, among others such as Food & Beverage and Health & Wellness.

Weekly Inbox Volume 9 marriott2


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