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Email marketing: The Weekly Inbox volume 5

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

The Weekly Inbox is a collection of emails from across the retail, travel/hospitality and financial services industries that caught my eye for being clever, forward thinking, creative or just plain awesome.

Welcome back to the next installment of The Weekly Inbox.

Here are some emails that caught my eye during this past week.

Arrive in time for the witching hour

Williams-Sonoma did something that caught my eye for sure. The last day you could order something to arrive in time for Halloween is today, October 25. How do I know this?


Starting on October 19 right through to the 24th, they began to include a reminder:







I love this approach for several reasons.

One, they included this at the top of each corresponding email so it was always prominent. Second, they called out/highlighted the number of days left as they counted down. And finally, I like the fact that they included the time zone that the order must be in by on the 25th. The last thing I want to do is try and figure out if where I live will impact the delivery date.

When you clicked on the reminder section, regardless on which email, you were taken to a landing page that had perfectly bewitchingly fun things to peruse.


When is a typo not a typo?

When it's supposed to be misspelled, that's when. Such is the case with Bloomingdale's and their new loyalty program.


Did you catch it? Notice the spelling of the word "Loyallist?' That's the name of their new loyalty program. It immediately caught my eye, which is a good thing for sure.

It's all pun & games

You have to love Southwest Airlines. They are clearly a brand that likes to have fun when it comes to their marketing and advertising,

Case in point this email below:


Right off the bat, you notice the pun "Snow My Goodness!"

Love it.

But, that was not the first pun I encountered with this particular email as the subject line read: "Snow Fare Like A Low Fare! 2X Points + Fall & Winter Flight Deals"

I happen to love puns and the use of these wintry-related puns was spot on.

Best example of the N.A.S. Doctrine

Those familiar with The Weekly Inbox know that I am a strong proponent in the Not Always Selling Doctrine - that brands do not always need to be selling at every turn. Consumers simply do not want to be overloaded with one sales message after another.

This week I want to share a great example from Grainger.


I love the fact that the hero focuses squarely on best practices for using a fire extinguisher which ties in perfectly with the fact that October is National Fire Safety Month.

Clicking on "Learn More" takes you to a landing page which provides invaluable and detailed information on fire extinguishers.


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