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Email marketing: The Weekly Inbox volume 4

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

The Weekly Inbox is a collection of emails from across the retail, travel/hospitality and financial services industries that caught my eye for being clever, forward thinking, creative or just plain awesome.

Welcome back to the next installment of The Weekly Inbox.

Here are some emails that caught my eye during this past week.

In fourteen hundred ninety-two...

Columbus Day was this past Monday, October 14 yet some retailers wanted to get an early start on the themed emails.

Case in point Sears who sent out one email a day relating to Columbus Day over a 3-day period from October 5th to the 7th, starting with this one:


Now this one above did not reference specifically Columbus Day in the subject line "Super Saturday = Huge savings on mattresses​, tools & more!" but the subsequent emails did.

Williams Sonoma was another brand jumping on the Columbus Day theme only they went for a "2 for 1" approach working in Halloween, too.


So kind of a Nina, Pinta and the Skeleton theme all rolled into one. Hey, no rule against cross-theming, right?

One other Columbus Day email I want to share. This one comes from Babies 'R Us and is reflective of a common practice for retailers and really all brands and that is what can best be described as an "extension of time."

In the last edition of The Weekly Inbox I made reference to the GAP employing such a practice in extending their "24 Hour Sale" to a few days.

That's one example of the "extension of time" practice. Another is what is reflected in this email from Babies 'R Us.


Did you catch it?

The Columbus "Day" sale goes on for 4 days. Hey, if it works for you, I say go with it.

Hidden Halloween

Here's an email I got from cooking.com with the subject line "Everyone Say Cheese... For Breakfast!"

Ok, I like the subject line, I like cheese and breakfast, why not? I'll bite, er I'll open it.

However as I scrolled through the email which contained various recipes for breakfast & cheesy dishes I suddenly landed on, at the bottom of the email, Zombie Cakes! Surely this is placed in this email for Halloween purposes, no?

I mean what says Halloween more than zombies?

So why bury or hide it at the bottom without even using the word Halloween?


The N.A.S. Doctrine

In the very first issue of The Weekly Inbox I made reference to the aforementioned doctrine -  the Not Always Selling Doctrine - which states that brands do not need to always be selling – especially in the content marketing-driven world we live in.

Unfortunately finding such brands is becoming harder and harder as I am seeing far too many essentially loading their emails with one sale message after another.

However, I did receive one example of a brand adhering to the N.A.S. Doctrine in the past week: CVS.


Yes, they lead off with the sales message but, they quickly follow it up with some NAS content including safety tips for your children. An excellent inclusion for they (CVS) realize they are speaking to parents and in turn are letting parents know they too are parents and as such are sharing some tips for keeping ALL kids safe this Halloween.

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