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Email marketing: The Weekly Inbox volume 2

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

The Weekly Inbox is a collection of emails from across the retail, travel/hospitality and financial services industries that caught our eye for being clever, forward thinking, creative or just plain awesome.

Welcome back to the next installment of The Weekly Inbox.

Here are some emails that caught my eye during this past week.

It's a mystery

I don't know about you but I love a good mystery, so when I saw the following email from Grainger with the subject line: "Huge Deals: Reveal Them Now" I was instantly intrigued, Maybe it's because it's October and getting closer to Halloween and all that goes with that. Whatever the reason, I wanted to click on 'REVEAL YOUR SAVINGS" right away.


And when I did click on 'REVEAL YOUR SAVINGS" I did in fact see some savings:


And speaking of Halloween

Received my first Halloween-related email on September 25th from Dollar General - one of many I received that contained at the very least a reference to Halloween over a month before the actual holiday.


The only email I received to date that is overtly Halloween-themed or based is this one I received from Walgreen's with the subject line: "Preview the 9/29 Weekly Ad + 25% OFF Halloween Costumes"


I would suspect I have not seen the last of Halloween-related and/or themed emails.

Two is better than one - part two

In last week's post I shared with you some welcome emails I had received in the previous week including the two welcome emails I received from Gap.

Apparently JCPenney also believes two emails is better than one.

I first received this welcome email:


Three days later I got this welcome email:


They each had the same subject line: "welcome to jcpenney" except the second of the two Welcome Emails referenced Gmail's inbox redesign. If you haven't seen it yet, check out our post about why this change is indeed positive for marketers.

And speaking of Gmail

If you recall last week I shared with you this welcome email I received from Bass Pro Shops:


Today, for kicks and giggles I decided to register via a different email - Yahoo! This is how the  same (presumably) Welcome Email appeared in my Yahoo! In Box:


What I uncovered was the issue was not with the email provider but rather the browser. In the first email above I was using Internet Explorer, version 10.0.9200.16686. And in the second email, which displayed properly, I using Google Chrome, Version 29.0.1547.76.

To add to the mystery was the fact that when I checked the same email in an earlier version of IE, it displayed properly.

The message for marketers here, according to Daniel Deneweth, Director, Deliverability Strategy at Responsys is to “optimize your email marketing message by using a testing tool such as Litmus or Return Path to ensure it appears correctly in all major browsers prior to sending.”

Ok, I'll Bite

While I am not crazy about the subject line "Bite-Sized Has Never Been So Tempting" I do like the bold imagery and I love the line "We know, bite-sized isn't meant to be shared, but..." It is a great use of play-on-words "share" and tying it into social media. I also like they included NAS content - Not Always Selling re: "Remarkable Experiences."


Speaking of not always selling

Wow, an entire email devoted to non-selling content. Okay, not really, as there's still the obligatory links and reference to free ground shipping but... I love the fact that The North Face gives so much prime real estate to something that is not trying to sell me something and in fact is sharing something with me that helps create an emotional attachment to their brand.


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