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Email marketing: Update on Yahoo!'s ID recycling initiative

Thomas Senne
Senior Director of Global Deliverability

There is updated information on the Yahoo! user ID recycling initiative.  To recap, Yahoo! has made IDs with no activity for 12+ months available to be re-claimed.  People could put in a claim on newly available IDs starting July 15th.  Yahoo! will begin assigning those IDs to the new owners on August 15th.  There have been a few concerns about this new policy and how it will relate to both email marketing deliverability and security.  Yahoo! has taken several measures to protect both.

Yahoo! has announced a solution to help senders distinguish between delivery attempts to inactive addresses vs. the old addresses which have been reclaimed by new owners. Exact details can be read on the Yahoo! Developer Blog.  The plan is to provide a value to discern if the user of the email address is the new owner or the old owner.

If the values don’t match, the email will bounce.  This will protect the old account owner security.  The basic idea is for senders to include a header value containing email, date and time stamp of the recipient in question. Yahoo! will compare the value provided by the sender with the value in their system and determine whether to bounce the message or to deliver it to the intended recipient.

These variables will be added via an x-header addition.  There is a custom x-header feature within the Responsys Interact Marketing Cloud that can be leveraged for this purpose. The sender must follow Yahoo! specified date/time format and ensure that the field exists in the sender database. We recommend using a value such as Acquisition_Date or Last_Open_Date.

This custom x-header will need to be included with all campaigns in order to allow Yahoo to recognize and distinguish between old and newly reclaimed address owners. As far as timing, this header value will come into play starting Aug 15th when the disabled inactive accounts are going to be assigned by Yahoo!.

If you are trying to decide how to deal with current inactive segments please consider that sending to inactive addresses all at once is risky, because it will damage reputation and cause issues if there are too many hard bounces. A careful re-permission type approach can be used with small portions of this segment.

The other option is to go ahead and set permission status to opted-out for those who have been inactive for a very long time - 2+ yrs. The unclaimed inactive addresses will continue to hard bounce even after August 15th. We just recommend using the header option going forward to protect from overlap with any new owners of old addresses.

If you're a Responsys customer and interested in this option, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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