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How Often Should Marketing Send Emails? [CHART]

Egan Cheung
Manager, Revenue Performance Analytics

How much is too much?  It seems we get asked that quite often, so I decided to have a look at a way to answer that.

I looked at the last 6.3 billion emails our customers sent and grouped them by customer and month to determine the average number of emails per month a contact in each of those databases were sent an email. I then looked at click-through rates for each of those frequency buckets.

I found that you can certainly expect to see higher click-through rates when you only contact a small portion of your database relatively infrequently - but guess what else you can expect? Lower volume of responses.  Sure - over emailing your lists can certainly cause fatigue, but don't let yourself be governed by hard and fast rules here.

This stands to reason when you think about it, but sometimes we tend to get hung up on optimizing for local, not global maxima.  Put another way: don't lose sight of the goal; a high click-through rate is desirable only if it brings you more leads.

Desired communication frequency will certainly vary by the stage of discovery the prospect is at with your company.  You probably don't want to start nurturing someone whose company is about to sign a contract, though you probably do still want to send them your newsletter.  We have some new features coming in a few weeks to help solve these problems.

For more information on communication frequency in Eloqua, try reading Stop Light Program for Controlling Frequency by our very own Carlos Cerqueira.

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