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Email Deliverability Class is in Session

Thomas Senne
Senior Director of Global Deliverability

If you are involved in Email Marketing at just about any level, you know that Deliverability is important. The problem is that while everybody basically knows what Deliverability is, and that it is important, they don’t know a lot of the details. This year at Modern Marketing Experience, the Oracle Marketing Cloud Deliverability Operations Team will be running two different Deliverability classes.

What is Deliverability really? We know that it is a question all marketers ask about on an RFP. Deliverability is something we talk about when revenue is down, or our open rates don’t seem to be high enough. The reality is so much more than that. We Deliverability folks might be just a little bit biased, but we think Deliverability is only the most important part of Email Marketing. If you don’t have good Deliverability, email campaigns won’t reach your customers. If your email doesn’t reach your customers, you can’t convert any sales. If you don’t convert sales, you don’t have a job. Sounds like a good reason to register for some no-nonsense Deliverability education.

In all seriousness, many people think that Deliverability is some mystical thing that only gurus know about. That opinion couldn’t be further from the truth. Today’s deliverability world is one of structure and reason. A solidly built infrastructure coupled with an evolving marketing plan generally equals Deliverability success. If your customers enjoy receiving and interacting with your email messages, it’s a pretty safe bet that Deliverability will be high.

To this end, we will be offering two different classes, “Demystifying Deliverability” and “Deliverability 101.” “Demystifying Deliverability” will be offered two different times on March 31st, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. This class is a high-level overview of what you should know about the state of Deliverability today. This class is geared toward people whose primary responsibility is not Deliverability, but they will certainly be impacted by the outcome. If you are a manager, a director, a VP, analytics person, or anyone else in the marketing or IT departments who has an email responsibility, this class makes sense. We will discuss four major topics: Acquisition, Engagement, Metrics, and International Deliverability. By the end, you will understand the importance of having great Deliverability metrics, and a smart acquisition program.

The second class we will be offering on March 31st is our “Deliverability 101” class. This three-hour session is a deep-dive into the world of Deliverability, designed for those of you on the front lines of email campaign creation, delivery, and analysis. Topics covered will include Bounces, Complaints, Spam Traps, Blacklists, ISP Profiles, Whitelisting, FBLs, Engagement, and Analytics. We’ll go into much more detail about the best way to set up your infrastructure, deploy campaigns, handle bounces and complaints, and analyze the results. We will delve deeper into real-world Deliverability scenarios and answer questions about your own experiences. After completing this class, you should expect to have a much deeper understanding about the day-to-day Deliverability process.

We can’t wait to meet you this year at Modern Marketing Experience! Visit the event page for more agenda details, and to register! You also can keep up with the discussion by following the event hashtag on Twitter #MME15. See you in Vegas!


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