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Going Public is a Mile Marker, Not a Finish Line

There’s a common temptation in the technology world to declare “going public” a victory. At Eloqua, we consider an IPO to be a mile marker, not a finish line.

Today, when we began selling shares of Eloqua (ELOQ) to the public on the NASDAQ stock exchange, we crossed just another mile marker on our journey to become a company that changes the way others do business. Obviously, it’s a proud moment, and I want to warmly welcome the new shareholders that invest in our people, products and vision.

But at our company the word “victory” is reserved to describe one moment: the point when we help our customers succeed.

This is the single most important metric impacting our business. Everyone – from the people who develop our software, to those who show customers how to become modern marketers, to the team that sells our solutions – is driven by an unwavering focus on customer success. It doesn’t just permeate the culture; it is the culture.

We’ve been privileged to work with extraordinary customers – companies that are reinventing sales and marketing, companies who are raising the bar for their industries. They have chosen us because we’re not simply a vendor hunting logos. We’re a partner looking to win their business and their trust. We want to help our customers win their markets – and they see that in everything we do.

We owe more than gratitude to our customers. We owe them our continued promise to help make them successful. That’s what has gotten us to this mile marker. It's the reason our customers topped the guest list at our bell ringing ceremony. It’s also the reason that we’re all at work today, finding new ways to make our clients modern marketing heroes across all industries, from HP to American Express, from The Miami Heat to hot tech startups like Box.

Make no mistake, there’ll be plenty of finish lines to watch today. But they’re in London at the Velodrome. Here at the NASDAQ, Eloqua is just stepping out of the starting block, and our goal is to see our customers on the medal stand.

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