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Oracle Eloqua Delivers Unified Buyer Intelligence Through New Sales Tools Integrations

Pierre Custeau
Vice President Product Management, Eloqua, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Successful sales professionals need access to actionable insights to identify the right stakeholders, engage in relevant conversations, and ultimately drive the sales cycle. Today’s reality is that sales professionals are required to spend valuable time and resources trying to work across a vast range of disparate tools and systems to discover these insights. This wastes precious time when they could be interacting and spending time with their key prospects and buyers.

Introducing Unified Buyer Intelligence.

Today, Oracle Eloqua is excited to announce ‘Extensions’ for Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools bringing brand new partner integration to Oracle Eloqua’s Sales Tools portfolio as part of it’s broader AppCloud partner strategy.

The new Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools integration enables modern sales professionals to gain access to 3rd party technologies and data through a single, unified interface. This enables sales teams to easily identify high-potential buyers, drive engagement, and close deals faster by having access to account level data, predictive intelligence, rich buyer insights, and more. All this through a single platform that can be accessed across a vast range of devices and integrated systems.

Delivering Actionable Insight. Together.

The Oracle Eloqua team has partnered closely with a select few of our most valuable AppCloud partners to deliver immediate value to joint customers. Please take a moment to review available partner integrations for Sales Tools Extensions.


Leveraging the power of Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools and LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows sales professionals to view insights into more than 546 million LinkedIn members to transform their contact records into rich, information-packed buyer profiles. Information from LinkedIn Sales Navigator is easily accessible from within Oracle Eloqua Profiler, where sales professionals are already able to track buyer activities across a variety of channels. Click here to learn more.


Mintigo, a leading AI platform for marketing and sales, now offers its AI-powered prospecting application Sales Coach 360 with a seamless integration to Oracle Eloqua's Profiler. All existing and new profiler users can learn, discover and engage their prospective buyers in personalized ways at scale. Click here to sign up for an early adopter trial.

“Prospecting is hard and the current CRM solutions do very little to enable sellers to engage their prospective buyers in an intelligent way” said, Atul Kumar, Chief Product Officer at Mintigo. “Understanding who is in-market to buy, why, when, and how you should engage them is critical in achieving positive outcomes. This is what Oracle Eloqua's Profiler and Mintigo’s Sales Coach 360 delivers to sales.” added Atul.


The Demandbase Conversion solution provides sales the insights needed to focus on the right accounts, personalize outreach, and move deals forward. Web site engagement alerts for anonymous website visitors, account-based intent insights, and more are delivered right where sales wants them — in email, Slack, and now in Oracle Eloqua's Profiler. Find out more.

“Marketing activities alone aren’t enough to deliver on the full potential of ABM. Marketers need to work hand-in-hand with sales teams across the entire buying cycle,” said Dom Lindars, VP of Product at Demandbase. “We’re excited to be a launch partner for Oracle Eloqua's Sales Tools Extensions with our Conversion Solution, which will allow sales teams to truly understand the behavior and needs of their target accounts and increase their close rates.”


The 6sense Demand Platform provides B2B sales teams the demand intelligence required to increase pipeline conversion. This integration provides sales with the power of 6sense’s patented AI-powered in-market predictions, and a unified view of account activity that includes the prospect’s anonymous website intent, competitor research, and other relevant need-based intent. Learn more.

“As teams become more account-focused via ABM, understanding as much as possible of an account’s behavior will provide a competitive edge to organizations,” said Amar Doshi, VP of Product at 6sense. “Many of our customers that use Oracle Eloqua Profiler and rely on 6sense AI have asked for an integrated experience to enable their sales teams with the least amount of friction. We’re excited to be a part of this customer-driven initiative for B2B companies.”


With LookBookHQ's Oracle Eloqua Profiler extension, sales teams will have rich, actionable insight into buyer education, based on how leads and accounts are engaging with your content. The extension provides a full summary of content engagement "after the click" (assets viewed in session, time spent, account roll-up) within a contact’s profile in Oracle Eloqua Profiler, and allows for the exploration of other contacts at the same account. Learn more.

“LookBookHQ's ability to show the depth and quality of your leads' engagement, coupled with the ability to see total engagement at account level over time, equips sales with a powerful extension to Oracle Eloqua Profiler,” says Stephen Streich, VP of Product & Engineering at LookBookHQ. “And this in turn provides better alignment between sales and marketing on buyer readiness and content performance.”

Learn more.

Getting started with Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools is easy. Similar to other AppCloud integrations, you may connect with selected partners directly, or reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information.


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