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  • August 19, 2011

5 Ways Sales & Marketing Can Bond at Dreamforce

Dreamforce is one of those unique events that bring together sales and marketing under the same roof. After all, there are great speakers to check out, new products to explore, amazing parties to attend.

But all too often, sales and marketing users don’t take advantage of this opportunity to bond. That’s a shame. We all know the value of sales and marketing alignment, and Dreamforce is all about collaboration in the cloud. With that spirit of partnership in mind, we present Five Ways Sales and Marketing Can Bond At Dreamforce 2011.

1. Catch A Couple Of Sessions Together
No doubt there are some marketing talks you’re looking forward to. Your colleague in sales probably has an agenda too. Why not sit in on a few sessions together?

Dreamforce sessions go way beyond your basic primers on sales or marketing. They’re about real-time trends and shifts in the landscape. By attending a couple sessions together, you can get a glimpse into what’s impacting your sales counterparts’ world…and vice versa.

(Want a session suggestion? Sign up for our Super Session with the CMOs of NetApp and Adobe. Top marketers talking about revenue attribution – now that’s something to bond over.)

2. Get A Drink…Or Two
This classic still can’t be beat, but too often marketers sit at one end of the bar and sales sits on the other. Mix it up. Nothing helps you speak the same language than swapping stories with your counterparts.

3. Tour The Floor
Even if you can’t schedule a few sessions together with your sales friends, you can still gain insights into each other’s minds. How? Take a tour of the expo floor. New products and tools galore abound. There are solutions for sales, solutions for marketing. Looking for solutions and apps together will provide key insight into sales and marketing’s individual needs.

4. Chat With Customers
When sales reps attend Dreamforce, they hope to close on some deals. When marketers attend, they hope to generate quality leads. Neither team should miss out on the chance to talk to their key constituents – current customers.

No doubt, some of your customers will be around. Grab your marketing or sales counterpart and schedule some time to chat with a customer or two. This way you can hear how they experienced their journey through your sales and marketing funnel firsthand. Plus, they can tell you what you’re doing right, and what you could be doing better. That’s the kind of intelligence that fuels any successful sales or marketing process.

5. Bang Your Head
If nothing else, let your hair down with your sales or marketing friends by hitting up the sure-to-be-fun Metallica show at the Dreamforce 2011 Global Gala. Relive your garage band days and let loose. There’s nothing like a rock show to bring people together. And metal just takes the camaderie up to 11.

How do you plan to bond with sales or marketing at Dreamforce? What are your secrets for breaking the ice?

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