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Digital Marketing Tips from the Pros During Disruption

Srijana Angdembey
Director of Social Marketing at Oracle

Oracle CX Marketing recently featured season two of “On the Fly”—a video series with small, two-minutes-or-less bites of digital marketing and customer experience advice from experts, given to you during the current disruption.

To view the full video series, check out the YouTube playlist.

In the meantime, look at these tips from the pros about marketing during a period of uncertainty:

1. Rethink customer questions

Your customers’ questions may have changed dramatically in recent times. Customers may have questions that you never really thought about answering before because the answers were self-evident. Nothing is self-evident in these uncertain times. Reach out to your customer success team, your service team, your sales team, your ops team, and rethink your top 50 customer questions.

Jay Baer, Founder of Convince and Convert

2.  Invest in your blogs

During this period of uncertainty, more people are consuming content than ever, which makes it important to optimize your blog. Provide helpful content that educates, engages, and wins over customers.

- Michael Brenner, CEO, Marketing Insider Group

3. Create instructional content

Search data shows that how-to articles and tutorials are up. Marketers should seize the moment to create more instructional content by thinking of their customers’ needs right now and how they can help them.

- Melanie Deziel, Founder, Storyfuel

4. Gather real-time feedback

How are you gathering customer feedback? Being there for your customers and knowing how you can help is of paramount importance. Gathering feedback in real-time can give you insights into how to help, and you can do it in less formal ways than just asking for it in surveys.

- Jeanne Walters, CEO, Experience Investigators

5. Understand your purpose and goals for content marketing

Success with content marketing means understanding the reality of a content strategy against the goals and purposes of your team. You should aim for a balanced operating model for content

Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer at the Content Advisory

6. Send more (targeted) emails

Email marketers should plan follow-ups and touches to go along with every campaign rather than simply increasing the frequency of emails sent.

- Karen Talavera, Founder and Chief Strategist, Synchronicity Marketing

7. Optimize your LinkedIn ads

Targeting on LinkedIn is better than most other platforms. Use LinkedIn analytics to break down the professional makeup of who’s using your site by title, position, geography, and more to reach the people who matter the most to your business.

- A.J. Wilcox, Founder, B2Linked.

8. Strive for less screen time and more inspiration

Take time away from your screen because, after all, we've only got so much attention and so much time to give to each other, and to this world. Try spending time in nature and reading different material. Mix it  up and try different authors and genres for different viewpoints to help inspire you and keep you fresh.

- Scott Monty, strategic communications and leadership advisor

9. Use agile methodologies to create better customer experiences

Instead of overengineering and deploying everything at once, use agile methodologies.

Start with the customer in mind. What is your top two or three highest-volume or highest-value inquiry or request? Begin small implementation of that and  iterate from there based on successes and lessons learned. This will help you continually create better and better digital experiences for your customers

-  John Culver, an Oracle Solution Engineer

10.  Get a jump start on your holiday campaigns

Make starting your holiday campaigns early a part of your plan. The later you wait the more of a risk it is that something will happen with your supply chain or delivery. Customers should be receptive to early gift-buying messaging, too.

- Chad White, Head of Research, Oracle CX Marketing Consulting


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