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Weekly roundup: 5 digital marketing tips, trends and tactics

Our roundup of noteworthy digital marketing insights, tips and trends from last week's news.
1. Mobile marketing: 'Geo-conquesting' takes off

The next big thing in location-based advertising? Geo-conquesting, writes Contel Bradford at The Content Standard:

"Geo-conquesting goes beyond reaching the customer at the right time, and straight to a competitive edge. In its most common form, it targets consumers with competitive ads when they are in a location near a competitor. However, it may also target people who have visited a number of locations based on specific behaviors that identify them as potentially good customers."

Bradford, citing new research from digital advertising agency xAd, cited these payoff from a recent Outback Steakhouse geo-conquest campaign:

  • 80 percent increase in click-through rates on mobile ads delivered to consumers who were within five miles of a competing restaurant
  • 11 percent increase over standard location-based ads "in terms of the use of the store locator on the restaurant's landing page."

More at The Content Standard

2. Marketing analytics: The high cost of NOT using Big Data

Bill Ingram at CMSWire says tech companies are poaching marketing pros because they see marketing as the "ripest untapped area" for Big Data — for good reason. Writes Ingram: 

"What happens when you don’t apply analytics to marketing? You end up like one of the 500+ companies responding to a recent Econsultancy survey, where 81 percent of respondents reported 'limited' or 'no understanding' of why their customers leave their site without converting. An astounding 78 percent of respondents had no clue why their customers abandon their shopping carts!"

More at CMSWire

3. Travel marketing: Airlines get even more personal

Flight attendants know passengers better than ever. Justin Bachman, editor at BloombergBusinesweek, reveals that Delta Airlines is outfitting flight crews with smartphones that can deliver instant, customer-specific information, including seat preferences, drink choices, mileage balances and updated travel information based on flight cancellations:

"In the race to differentiate their product, compete beyond price, and become more sophisticated merchants, airlines are looking forward to a day when they can exploit the enormous data trove amassed in the course of routine business. ..the idea behind “personalization” is that a company can engender greater loyalty, induce people to spend larger sums, and possibly even make flying more enjoyable."

More at Businessweek.com

4. Consumer preferences: Guidelines released for mobile marketers

Digital marketers have taken a big step forward on the issue of privacy in mobile marketing, reports BroadwayWorld. The Digital Advertising Alliance, which oversees the marketing industry's largest consumer preference program on the web, issued guidelines for how marketers should handle consumer information on mobile devices:

"The new DAA guidance for the first time advises advertisers, agencies, media, and technology companies how to provide consumers the ability to see and exercise control over the use of cross-app, personal directory, and precise location data in mobile apps."

More at BroadwayWorld.com 

5. Social Media: Now it's everyone's job

There's a big shakeup in the world of social media jobs, writes Vicki Elmer, a writer at Quartz. In a post titled "RIP, social media managers — tweeting is everyone's job now," Elmer argues that social media skills are as important as ever, but they're no longer just the job of one person or a small team of marketers; social media duties are part of the job duties of employees across all levels of a company. She cites research by job site Indeed.com:

"Overall, jobs with social media in the title grew by 50% over the last year, a much slower rate than in the recent past. Meanwhile, jobs that mention social media in the description but not the title gained 89%."

Stand-alone social media jobs aren't going away. Indeed.com research cited by Elmer identifies these two hot job categories:

  • Jobs with Instagram in the title have increased by 644 percent.
  • Jobs requiring experience with Vine have grown 154 percent.

More at Qz.com

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