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5 digital marketing articles you may have missed last week

Companies are making the customer relationship management a priority by integrating social media marketing, mobile marketing and other platforms in innovative ways to build customer loyalty. We’ve pulled together a roundup of must-reads and insights from the past week about the digital marketing world:

1. Pinterest: J.Crew spotlights fall catalog and reaps sale predictions

Social media may no longer be just a platform for reaching customers. J.Crew is betting that Pinterest will turn out to be a strong predictor of its hottest-selling fashions. Starting this Fall season, Pinterest users can view and pre-order products from its Fall catalog before they are available online or in stores. Apu Gupta, CEO of social media analytics company Curalate, says it's a smart play: Pinterest is a "running scroll of the ‘lifestyle’ marketers talk about when they mention ‘lifestyle brands,’” according to BusinessWeek.

Read more at BusinessWeek.

2. The case for rating your customers

Relationships are a two-way street, and that applies to customers and brands in the digital marketing era, too. Services like Uber, the car hailing service, and Airbnb, the home rental service, are actively looking to hold customers accountable for their behavior. Uber encourages its drivers to rate customers and Airbnb wants guests to review renters and renters to review their guests. "Accountability and transparency cut both ways," writes Michael Schrage on HBR.com. "Social media make wonderful platforms for 'nudging' people into making choices that reduce the chances of unhappy outcomes."

Read more at HBR.

3. Customer-brand relationships are the heart of business

When it comes to measuring success, marketers should view the strength of customer relationships as the new currency. Ted Rubin, a social marketing expert writing for CMO.com, encourages brands to embrace innovative ways of connecting with their customers. "Relationships are like muscle tissue; the more you engage them, the stronger and more valuable they become," says Rubin.

Read more at CMO.com.

4. 5 smart mobile marketing strategies

Digital marketers are excited about the so-far-unrealized promise of mobile marketing. Justin Garvin, senior SEO strategist at Rise Interactive, offers these tips for designing a mobile-friendly website:

  • Use responsive web design to accommodate for different browser sizes and improve SEO strategy
  • Choose short-tail keywords for mobile sites since users shorten their searches
  • Reduce the steps to purchase to boost conversions
  • Target local queries
  • Look to data to improve mobile performance

Read more at Inc.

5. Marketers struggle in the race to become digital

Marketers are adapting to the age of digital marketing, but maybe not fast enough. While new technology demands new marketing strategies, experts say some companies have been slow to the game. "The race to digital marketing maturity is still at an early stage," one digital marketing expert told The Guardian. "The next big demand is to integrate the fragmented tools, integrate the channels, integrate the approach in terms of agencies working with software vendors."

Read more at The Guardian.

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