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Mobile Web and Email are Doubling [Chart]

Egan Cheung
Manager, Revenue Performance Analytics

Mobile should be on everyone's agenda, whether it be for marketing to mobile devices, designing a product for mobile, or even drop-testing an iPhone 4S and a Galaxy S2 to determine which phone to buy. OK, that shouldn't be on everyone's agenda, I'd rather just watch the video.

You don't have to take our word for it.  We searched through publications by Comscore and Return Path to validate that the growth we are seeing is network wide.  Mobile's share of both website traffic and email use continues to grow at an astounding rate, requiring marketers to understand how their audience's increasing time spent on mobile device should inform the delivery of their message.  Be aware that the higher up the corporate ladder you are trying to sell, the more likely your audience will research you on their mobile device.digital-body-language-mobile

If you are looking for ideas, join the conversations around mobile on Topliners.

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