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More deadly sins of content marketing (ebook)

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

So you think you're safe now that Halloween has come and gone I suppose? All you marketers out there committing the deadly sins of marketing think that since the darkness of Halloween has passed you're safe, right?


Just as we told you yesterday Halloween may be over but the season of the witch, if you will, lives on. And it is in this season where many marketers, be they B2C or B2B fall prey to the deadly sins of content marketing.

To date we have covered 6 of the 7 1/2 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing as we've provided excerpts from our hauntingly good eBook: The 7 1/2 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing (And How To Avoid Them).

Here's a quick recap before we get to the final one and half deadly sins you may be committing right now as we speak.

1. Making It All About You. The focus should be always on your customer. Quite simply they do not care about you, they care about what you and your product or service, etc. can do for them.

2. Not Adhering To The N.A.S. Doctrine. AKA the Not Always Selling Doctrine. In other words resist the temptation to try and sell something via every single marketing communication you have with your customer or prospect.

3. Wrong Church, Wrong Pew. Do you know your customers and prospects? I mean really know Scary-Book1them? Or are you basically shooting blind, hoping for the best? Those of us in the real world know that far too many brands and businesses simply do not know who their customers are and therefore cannot target them in the first place with their content marketing strategies.

4. Forgetting The 3Rs Of Content Marketing. Never mind Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic, far too many brands big and small forget to repurpose, reuse, and recycle content.

5. Failing To Plan. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. It can’t be any easier than that, right? So why do so many marketers fail to create a content marketing plan?

6. On The Wrong Track.You track every other marketing campaign. So why would content marketing be any different? Establish your goals then track and measure your content marketing efforts to ensure you’re meeting or exceeding those goals.

The Remaining Deadly Sins of Content Marketing

Here now are the final one and a half deadly sins of content marketing we've compiled. NOTE: There are others for sure and they are denoted in The 7 1/2 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing (And How To Avoid Them).

But we cut our list off at 7 and 1/2 and here now are the remaining one and a half.

7. You Set It And Forget It. Those of you old enough to remember that line is from an old infomercial from a company called Ronco, at least I think it was. A more recent pop culture-ish reference relevant here is the movie Field of Dreams. While building a baseball field in the middle of a cornfield may attract ghosts of dead players, just putting your content "out there" won't have the same effect. In other words you need to promote your content.

7 1/2. You’re Not Fully Committed. This one is as straightforward as they come. When it comes to content marketing you are either 100% in or you are 100% out. You are either on the bus or off the bus. Do not start unless you plan on seeing it through until the end of all time, or something like that.

The Bad News & The Good News

The bad news is there are a great number of marketers who are committing some or all of the The 7 1/2 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing.

The good news is there is something they and you can do.

You can download The 7 1/2 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing (And How To Avoid Them) today as in right now.

Main image source: boomtownig.com

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