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  • April 12, 2018

Day Two From Oracle Modern Customer Experience


Modern Customer Experience is well underway now and the conference is humming with the buzz of new technologies, new products, the rise of AI and predictive intelligence and what that means on our journey to be legendary.

Shashi Seth’s keynote introduced several massive product announcements that will give Oracle customers the power to activate data faster with incredible ease and exceptional results. A brand new suite of products starting with CX Audience will allow for first and third party data segmentation and integration with Oracle Responsys. In addition, he touched on the launch of Oracle Infinity, which will boost ease and speed. Along with securing omni-channel capabilities for all customers and even further partner integrations and extensions for the future.

“We truly believe in helping you succeed and that is our biggest success.”- Shashi Seth SVP, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Next, Oracle’s VP of Demand Gen and Marketing in EMEA/APAC, Amanda Jobbins, brought out Magen Hanrahan from the 60-brand food manufacturer, Kraft Heinz Company. With products in 98% of American households, Hanrahan focuses on targeting each brand to the right audience. Harnessing, segmenting and activating data is the key to their success as an international, household brand. Hanrahan is inventive and constantly seeks new ways to use data, “don’t close yourself off to just what we did yesterday,” she advises.

Then, Oracle’s Christina Cavanna sat down with Cheryl Strayed, New York Time’s best-selling author of Wild and host of the news column-turned-podcast, Dear Sugars. So, what does the woman whose Pacific Crest Trail trek that inspired the Oscar-winning film starring Reese Witherspoon have to do with digital marketing? While we may not be facing off with bears or lugging around a “monster” of a backpack, Strayed offers advice on confronting your fears, rediscovering you place of power and finding ways to push past your roadblocks to reach success. She told us her mantra along the hike— “I am not afraid”—that got her through many difficult times, “There is a power to the stories we tell ourselves.” Her inspiring outlook on life is one that can be applied to any form of challenge, even the seemingly insurmountable.

AI in Education Sessions

With seemingly boundless information sessions to attend through-out the day, many were drawn to those featuring AI. While the word is at the tip of most every marketer’s tongue, many organizations are only just beginning to wade into the rapids. AI can be implemented on a spectrum of needs, like: segmentation, lead scoring, predictive scoring and behavioral scoring. Katrina Leaf of Fluke Electronic Corporation discussed how they worked with Oracle Partner, Lattice to build a predictive lead scoring solution and implemented chat bots to help drive the highest quality leads to inside sales.

The seemingly perpetually packed Collective Learning booth just at the entrance to the Exhibition Hall, also featured a handful of sessions on the power of AI and what these capabilities mean for sale, services, commerce and, of course, marketing.

Meet the Markies

While the awards ceremony took place last night, the Markies festivities continued today with the Meet the Markies reception in the Skyline Ballroom. Winners and finalists gathered to relax after a day of conference activities, take photos, network and exchange ideas with each other and other attendees. A video reel with highlights from the awards the night before was shown featuring all of the winners and many other memorable moments of the evening.  

CX Fest

We are enamored by the skill, talent and drive of our customers and we are always searching for ways to show how much we appreciate them, one of our favorite methods is by holding a concert for all attending customers at Modern Customer Experience. The night began with The 500’s, a band made up of Oracle employees! Proving that marketing isn’t the only thing we can rock at.

All leading up to Weezer, bringing their classic, quirky, SoCal vibes to the Windy City. More than a few of us geeked out over the 90’s era band, singing along to “Buddy Holly”, “Island in the Sun” and “Pork and Beans”. Their energy-packed performance giving us life to get out and rock the rest of the conference. 

Day two keynote session is now available for you to view at your leisure.

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