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  • April 20, 2012

You Need to Market "Right Now": David Meerman Scott on Eloqua Experience Europe

Marketers everywhere know the game has changed. Email, social, events, display ads - everything in the marketing playbook has been touched by continually advancing technology.

No one knows this more than David Meerman Scott, the author of Real Time Marketing & PR, the New Rules of Marketing & PR and Newsjacking. In a few weeks, David is heading to London to give a keynote address at Eloqua Experience Europe. He'll talk about the massive changes impacting marketing and how marketers can use those disruptions to engage buyers now.

Below David gives a preview into his upcoming talk.


What You'll Hear at Eloqua Experience Europe 2012 With David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott: So, I'm looking forward to coming to Eloqua Experience in Europe. I'm actually very psyched for it, because I love speaking to marketers. I love speaking to international marketers.

I'm an internationalist. I spent nearly a decade living in Asia. I was in Tokyo; I was in Hong Kong. I've delivered presentations in something like 30 different countries. So, I love getting out and working with international audiences.

And what I'm going to focus on is the idea of speed in your marketing. The idea of real time and creating content right now, on the time frame that's important to your potential customers.

You know, marketers for so long have been focused on a campaign planning mentality. There's nothing wrong with that, but if you're only doing a campaign planning mentality, thinking about next month or next quarter, you're missing a huge opportunity. You're missing the opportunity to engage with people this instant, as they're looking.

Members of the media, the analyst community, your potential customers. Your existing customers, your partners, even your employees. When you're following the news, when you're figuring out what's going on, when you're watching Twitter. When you are thinking of what it is that your customers are interested right at this moment, you can create content that can wow them. And when you do that, you get noticed.

So, I'm gonna talk about a whole bunch of techniques about that. A couple of the concepts I'll be focusing on: One is real time marketing and PR. Another one is newsjacking. They're kind of related. I'll be talking about both of them.

But the idea is now. It's right now. It's not next quarter or next week. It's right now, and how can you engage your marketplace right this second.

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