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Customer Personas: How Many Do You Need?

Kaila Garrison
Product Marketing Manager


It’s a common question: How many personas should a business develop as part of an effective content strategy? Our answer: the right number.


OK, so that’s a bit cryptic. But the point is there’s no magic formula for the number of personas that will drive the best results for your content marketing program. As you analyze your audience data to identify customer similarities—demographic profiles, wants and needs, motivations, lifestyle preferences—your personas will emerge. You may have two. You may have 20. But the number itself isn’t what matters most.


What matters is how likely each of the personas is to engage with your brand and the content you produce, and then take the actions you desire. It’s also important to know what resources you have available for producing content, because once you commit to targeting key personas as part of your strategy, you’ll want to make sure you’re delivering relevant stories on a regular basis to all the channels preferred by each audience segment. 




Content Marketing Math


We call this doing the “content marketing math.” Ideally, for each persona, you’re producing at least one compelling article each day and engaging with the identified group three or four times a day on their preferred social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Here’s the math:


365 articles


+4,380 social posts


4,745 pieces of content annually


That’s a lot of content, right? And just for one persona. Multiply that times two, three or four personas, and the amount of content could get overwhelming quickly.


Prioritize Your Personas


Here’s our rule of thumb: Create all your personas and then prioritize them according to where they are in your sales funnel. If you have to take baby steps to get started, focus your initial content strategy on those personas that are closer to taking direct action with your business—buying your product or service. This would include individuals who:


  • Have requested samples or information from your organization (leads).

  • Are ready to make a purchase (finalists).

  • Have already bought a product or service from your company (customers/clients).


Your first persona should represent people who know you and are doing business with you. For them you can emphasize stories with themes that will retain their business and cross-sell through multiple products and services. Next, identify your finalists and pay special attention to your leads. Then, depending on your resources, you can consider other segments with strong potential.  


When you start seeing results among your initial personas, target additional personas over time. As you demonstrate deeper engagement and sales growth, it will be easy to go to the boss and request additional resources needed to produce even more content. Compendium can help you prove the results of your content marketing program by reviewing a multitude of critical metrics from one comprehensive dashboard. Request a demo today.

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