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How customer-centric is your marketing? Here's 8 brands that are doing it right

Creating a digital marketing campaign with compelling content is hard. Being asked to then personalize that content for a diverse array of customers can seem almost impossible. However, every day savvy digital marketers are coming up with new ways to bring a personal touch to their marketing campaigns. Here's how eight brands are putting customers at the heart of their digital marketing programs:

1. Start things off on the right foot with a welcome email 

Email marketers can use customer data to start personalizing their email messaging right from the start. Clothing retailer ModCloth not only offers new customers a deal ($10 off a purchase of $75 or more) in its welcome email, but also recommends new items to the customer based on prior purchases and website viewing history.

2. Underscore convenience 

Present your brand's email marketing campaign as a timesaving tool for subscribers. United Airlines, for example, emails customers the latest deals on flights based on the departing airport saved to their profile.

3. Leverage transactional communications

Transactional information, like receipts, reservation confirmations and delivery updates, offer a lot of value to consumers, so much so that 44 percent of consumers will download a brand's mobile app just to keep track of their order status. Keeping customers informed about their activity and savings helps to raise brand awareness and strengthen loyalty.

4. Send timely updates 

"JetBlue and other airlines use push to alert passengers to flight changes," explains Michael Della Penna, Senior Vice President of Emerging Channels at Responsys. "Walgreens now pushes out reminders to customers to refill prescriptions." These are both ways that marketers can offer convenience as well as personalized messaging to customers.  

5. Take advantage of geo-targeting

GPS location technology can help marketers deliver personalized offers to consumers' mobile devices based on location. This gives customers added incentive for visiting a nearby store and also can be used to reward mobile subscribers with specials and discounts. 

6. Make recommendations based on subscriber preferences 

Popular music streaming platform Spotify emails its subscribers music recommendations based on their listening activity in order to recommend new bands and albums that they might enjoy. Not only does this add value to the customer relationship by making it easier for users to discover new music, but it also leverages successful recommendations to increase brand loyalty.

7. Implement device recognition for higher quality content

One fast way to ensure a marketing flop is to roll out a mobile campaign that isn't optimized to customers' devices. To avoid this, Starbucks employed device recognition technology for their ReadySet mobile campaign to make sure that their users received high quality content optimized for their personal devices.

8. Ask for timely feedback 

Birchbox, the beauty product subscription company, emails subscribers after their most recent delivery to collect feedback on their products. By incentivizing customers to leave feedback with points that will eventually add up to a discount, Birchbox gets their customers to re-engage with their brand almost immediately after a purchase while gathering valuable information that can used to further personalize the customer experience.


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