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Cross Channel Marketing

Cross Channel Marketing

Is Marketing the new Sales?

You probably all heard this in one way or the other: in our digital era, buyers are 2/3 through the decision process before they engage with the first sales...

Cross Channel Marketing

Why Marketing Technology and Advertising Technology Need to Sing the Same Tune

"That’s why combining data-driven advertising and marketing is a big deal. It’s also why ad technology and marketing technology departments shouldn’t be singing...

Cross Channel Marketing

Use Commerce Data to Inform Top-of-Funnel Acquisition

Today’s online customers have all the information they need about your company at their fingertips. They can easily research your products and brand throughout...

Cross Channel Marketing

Marketing Automation Without Structure is Like a Day Without Sunshine

Ok perhaps I turned the hyperbole dial up too far with my title but then again, I did want to make the point perfectly clear that while marketing automation is...

Cross Channel Marketing

The Holiday Retail Planning Worksheet and Why You Need It

Earlier this year Oracle Marketing Cloud released Turning 2014's Holiday Trends into 2015 Revenue. The one-size-fits-all eBook makes the perfect gift for anyone...

Cross Channel Marketing

How One Travel Brand uses Cross Channel Marketing for Success

As Lucy Maher wrote in an AdWeek article published yesterday "With technology putting greater control in the hands of consumers, the travel industry has gone...

Cross Channel Marketing

Five Ways Marketing Can Drive Higher Online Commerce Revenue

Bringing together commerce and marketing platforms provides huge benefits to each team and your organization as a whole. You are able to drive customers to your...

Cross Channel Marketing

The Best Marketers Know Marketing is an Art AND a Science

Being a writer means I am a "word" guy. I cannot tell you how many debates I had in my career with art directors over what's more important: the words or the...

CMO Corner

To Survive Today, CMOs Must Remain Relentless

I am extremely fortunate in my career to have met with and established relationships with some very smart, savvy extremely passionate C-Level people. And at or...