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Cross Channel Marketing

Cross Channel Marketing

Relationship marketing: The future is now

Part of me is truly amazed that has taken this long to realize something that should've been obvious to all of us from the beginning of time. The beginning of...

Cross Channel Marketing

Spring clean-up: bad data, not big data, needs your attention

Spring is here - that means it's time to clean up and clean out what we don't need any more for your digital marketing analytics. Fix what's broken, and get...

Cross Channel Marketing

Cross-channel Marketing Attribution

In my last article, I gave an overview of cross-channel marketing communications across multiple user touch points that lead to a conversion (like purchasing a...

Cross Channel Marketing

How branded content can help your content marketing

Regardless of what mediums are in your content marketing arsenal: mobile marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, direct mail, outdoor, and on and on...

Cross Channel Marketing

Why price will always trump brand and why it shouldn't matter to marketers

Let me preface this article by saying categorically I believe very much in the power of branding. I myself (isn’t that redundant?) have worked on many branding...

Cross Channel Marketing

The importance of cross-channel attribution modeling and analysis

You may have heard John Wannamaker’s famous quote from about 100 years ago that “half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is I don’t know...

Cross Channel Marketing

Tips for creating a better mobile email experience

On average, we're seeing about 40% of email opens coming from mobile devices and tablets. Unfortunately, all the work we do to ensure our emails render...

Content Marketing

3-Point Checklist: Leverage Your Online Brand Presence To Boost The Bottom Line

You spend time, money, and resources to develop your online brand presence. Not so great at managing it? Looking for ways to tie your hard work back to the...

Cross Channel Marketing

Setting SMART New School Marketing goals for 2013

Now that we're over two months into 2013, it's time to ask yourself, 'Where are you at in setting your 2013 goals for becoming an even better New School...